20 minutes to taking back your day

Sometimes, I seriously want to slap people that complain about not having time to workout.giphy (9)

For real.

If you have time to zone out on Facebook and Instagram, you have 20 minutes to get yo’ ass into gear. The amount of time you spend thinking about it, check Facebook, and think about it again, is time that could easily be whipped into a productive workout before or after your post-work social obligations, or a date with your couch.

Fact: Just a mere 20 minutes of physical activity a day boosts your metabolism and keeps your energy levels steady.

It also keeps you from hitting people.

Don’t freak or just give up if you can’t fit your scheduled workout into a day that has been overridden by work or other commitments.

Here’s a list of just how productive 20 minutes can be in your favorite ways to sweat:


Running (flat road)  |  150 calories

Running (hills| 10-15% incline)  |  320 calories

Walking (3 mph)  | 60 calories

Walking (hills| 10-15% incline)  | 190 calories

Biking (10-15 mph) | 180 calories

Swimming  |  195 calories

Jumping Rope  |  200 calories

Hiking  |  130 calories

Tennis/Racquet Ball  |  125 calories

Yoga  |  85 calories

Crossfit WOD  |  300 calories

Barre Class  |  95 calories


**Calculations are based on a 125 lb woman, personal results may vary slightly.


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