2021’s Best Sellers

2021'a Best Sellers

After a crazy sprint to the end of the year (more on that later), I am back from hiding with so much to share… Up first? Recapping the best of 2021, all in one place. As micro trends ran rampant this year with a burst back into daily dressing post lockdown, some things remained quite consistent. I don’t blame you: all of last year’s top sellers on UNOFFICIAL are life staples of mine. It brings me so much joy to see you love them just as much. Curious what made the cut? Come get your scroll on…welcome to 2021’s Best Sellers list!

2021’s Best Sellers

The category that topped the list this year was skincare (come on, is anyone really surprised tho?), followed closely by home. While not at the top of the list, fashion had its moment too: just in a slower more strategic way. Honestly, just the way I like to see it, tbh. When you make a calculated wardrobe purchase, it should stay with you for years to come. These timeless staples are ones to watch for next year if you’ve been eyeing them over the past few years here. These picks are ones you’ll never regret. Let’s break down the categories in full. Ready to see what topped your 2021 orders?


Smarter not harder: that was the theme of 2021 skincare. From affordable clinical serums to daily use devices that actually deliver results, your picks mirrored the products I use on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, many of them have helped me save money long-term by taking the process home from basic medspa treatments. I won’t be ending professional treatments anytime soon, but I will be stretching results a bit longer and keeping my beauty budget stacked for pricier treatments later this year. These are the items to snag to keep your budget in check and maintain your facial in between treatments.



Hello, TikTok fam! This new-ish category to UNOFFICIAL exploded due to your interest this past year. It’s going to make a more consistent debut here on my site so check back later this year. What else do you want to see in this category?  Leave me a comment below and I’ll add it to upcoming content ideas.



Fewer fashion purchases, but better investments? We love to see it here. Sharing a large revolving door of fast fashion picks hasn’t ever been my style, you’ll find slightly more expensive picks that will last you much longer instead. Many of you have finally taken the plunge on a few of my wardrobe capsule staples, and I can’t blame you. In fact, one of them is the most read blog post on this site! You’ll also find the absolute best designer look-alike on the internet below too. TikTok fam, you went HARD on that one.


Short and sweet, and packed with value: it was a mood for 2021’s best sellers! Which of these picks did you snag and uplevel your life with this year? I’m ready for 2022 to bring even more valuable things to the forefront to add to the list. If you’re itching for a little more of this content, head to the Best Sellers page.

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