2022’s Best Sellers


Dupe for Baies Candle, record player in living room

2022’s best sellers were some of my all-time favorites since starting this series a few years ago. It includes more sustainable home swaps, but most importantly, affordable swaps for my favorite pricey home accessories and designer fashion. This Seda France candle that’s a dupe for Diptyque’s Baies candle takes the cake for not only me but you. It was far and away the top seller of the year, in only a few months as the year came to a close! Let’s break down the rest of the list together below.

2022’s Best Sellers


The Sephora Sale recommendations this year were full of game-changing skincare; you also got hooked on some of my all-time favorites this year. From worthy investment tools to mascara that rival the best falsies, the gang’s all here below.


Taking calculated purchases in higher quality fashion grew exponentially this year. Specifically, workwear that’s actually comfortable to wear and timeless staples that work with nearly every code of dress. The items below were your top picks this year.


The top home seller outside Amazon was far and away the Always Pan from Our Place. After eyeing it for a year, I finally took the plunge last year at their holiday sale; it’s been a love affair ever since. Living in New York, space is limited, so my home investments need to serve double and even triple duty, and fit into small spaces to make them worthwhile. I can’t say enough good things about this pan: it replaces nearly 8 pieces of conventional cookware, leaving more room in my cabinets for even more important things…like skincare overflow. It’s currently on sale for $99 through the holidays, snag it now while you can at this insanely low price.

Amazon: Home & Fashion & Beauty

This category topped the list by a mile. Many of you joined this community through TikTok this year, so happy you’re here! You loved these sustainable swaps, affordable and timeless fashion, bold and glam home decor, and so much more. Shop each of the categories below directly from my Amazon Storefront by clicking the photo below.

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