3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Results

If you’ve ever busted your ass to get the most out of your workouts/eat healthily, yet somehow come up short when it comes to visually seeing or feeling your results, this week’s fitness post is for you.

I have been getting TONS of questions on this exact topic from clients, and also hearing lots of complaints from my friends: “I work out 5 times a week! What the HELL am I missing here?!” It’s a feeling that’s super frustrating, and I feel you, as I’ve been there too before.

From past experience, I’ve determined that there are three main factors that flush your results down the drain faster than anything, and I’m breaking down the best way (and with the best apps!) to tackle them.


It goes without saying: getting consistent sleep is the key to staying on top of your shit across all areas of your life. Consistency: getting the same amount of hours a night, between 6-8 ideally, is the recipe. Your body performs nearly all of its regeneration process at night, so if you’re burning life at both ends, you’re going to see a serious downturn in your body’s productivity when it comes to working on your body’s metabolism or being efficient at fat burning. What’s that mean? Pro tip: If you want to make your body burn more fat while at rest, hold off on the carbs before bed, or really any food within 2 hours of bedtime if you can. If not, opt for a protein, which is the last macronutrient to burn off. 

Sleep Cycle

This app tracks your sleep, and also offers you analysis on just about every detail imaginable. I have 6 years of data and love seeing it change over time.

Time management.

Also important. The more you can plan out the stuff you CAN control, the better you can weather the stuff you can’t. I spend a couple hours on weekends prepping my healthy meals, doing chores, writing blog posts for the month (that are previously calendared into my schedule), and it makes a huge impact on my week. I stick to my planned workouts, I’ve lowered the number of times I order takeout, or raid the corner store for junk food because I already got my shit in line over the weekend. Every hour during the day has a purpose. Every little detail (seriously.) is Google calendared. Even showers. I know. I’m a psycho. But it works.


This app is great for project management and allows you to set completion dates/comments. If you hate calendars, this is a viable option. I use it for managing my blog.

Focusing on others’ journeys.

I cannot stress this one enough. The more you focus on how others get their results and how quickly it happens is one of the most toxic things you can do when it comes to maintaining your sanity on making progress in your own lane. What works for someone else may not work for you, and that’s totally normal. Focus on what changes work best for you, and navigate that way instead. It’s easier said than done, and I get it, I’ve fallen victim to it too. Try working with a trainer, life coach, or a group that keeps you focused on your individual goals, and set ground rules/goals centered around your progress.


This social group training app allows you to not only work directly with a personal trainer but also gives you a team full of like-minded individuals to help motivate you toward your fitness goal. I am a trainer with Chorus, and it’s been revolutionary for my clients; their motivation has increased with each week, and with my clear defined plan, they’re sticking with their goals.

Photos by Rachel of Rachel Radcliffe Photography


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