4 Worthy Fashion Investments for 2021

Danielle Bernstein Collection Satin Blazer

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that practicality is king when comes to what we spend our money on. Replacing excess affordable purchases with targeted quality ones is a skill I want you to build upon even more in 2021. Less is more when it comes to building your best wardrobe. These four worthy fashion investments for 2021 will do just that.

First Things First: How Do You Get There?

It all starts with your mindset. Ditch the itch for instant gratification. SAVE your cash. I know it’s easier said than done, but if my impulsive ass can get it together, so can you. Let’s start with where you’re at first. Grab a piece of paper…I’ll wait. Let’s tally this shit up together. How much have you spent on affordable clothing in the past year? I’m talking all those unnecessary Target hauls, sale sets from Amazon, you name it. How often have you worn those items before needing a new one? I hope there’s some serious soul searching going on right now. I’m also willing to bet you have a few purchases you haven’t worn because it no longer has that appeal. Tie-dye loungewear…I’m looking at you. I guarantee the tally count adds up to one or two higher quality classic staples below. Maybe more. Now let’s do some replacing.

Bags That Do It All

How well rounded is your daily bag/purse? Can your favorite bag hold your laptop, lunch, and everything you really need? Chances are, probably not. Many of my old designer totes were more trouble than it was worth when it came to keeping everything organized without getting in my way around town. Hold off on yet another Tory Burch bag or LV Never Full, and replace it with one of these.



Get a good one, and it will last you YEARS. I’m talking to the tune of at least seven, in my case. They don’t even have to cost $100+ anymore! Quit buying $50 sweaters from Macy’s or Target that die in the wash or from wear 6 months later. The following picks below are brands I wear or have worn in the past that are still in my wardrobe today years later. Especially the Bloomingdales ones, they’re on mega sale below for under $65! Keep your eye on Quince too, they’re super affordable for the quality you get.


Classic Comfortable Suiting

Whether you’re suiting up your top half for a Zoom business call, or actually headed into an office in the future, it never hurts to invest in a quality monochrome suit. It’s something we’ll all wear at some point, and it pays to have a comfortable one on hand always. Especially give the blazer trend over the past few years! It’s not going anywhere, since it’s such a classic way to elevate an otherwise casual outfit.


Quality Footwear

Investing in a classic pair of leather or vegan leather pair of boots or shoes will pay you back tenfold in the years to come. Be honest: how often have you had to trash your favorite Sam Edelman or Steve Madden boots? I know I have. They don’t necessarily have the longevity to last. Add up your last 3 pairs over the past 2 years, and you’ll have enough to afford a much better-designed pair with better materials like Tamara Mellon or Schutz. The designer ones below are all on sale except for two!


That’s it for worthy fashion investments for 2021! Which investment are you leaning toward most? Let me know in the comments! I know I’ll be picking up a new cashmere sweater in a color I don’t own just yet.

Danielle Bernstein Collection Satin Blazer Danielle Bernstein Collection Satin Blazer Danielle Bernstein Collection Satin Blazer

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  1. Addy
    January 23, 2021 / 1:12 pm

    Thank you so much for this! That Senreve bag has been on my list for a while. Love all the options and glad there’s a place to point me in the right direction for quality, classic pieces.

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