5 of the Coolest Colorful Home Decor Items From Amazon

iridescent wavy mirror colorful home decor

Colorful home decor has made my small space a haven from the chaotic city life outside my doorstep. There’s something about sunset light reflecting off a bright acrylic coffee table at sunset that takes a load off mentally. Ya know?

You’re obviously a lover of color clicking on this article…welcome home. You’re among friends. This week, you’ll find 5 of the coolest colorful home decor items from Amazon that have made my space feel even more inviting. The best part? None of them will break the bank…which is not something we can say when it comes to cool home decor these days.

The Coolest Colorful Home Decor Items From Amazon

Iridescent Record Shelves

These 15-inch shelves can be used for more than just records (up to 10 lbs-ish). They shine with up to 3 colorful records, though. These would make a beautiful record wall near a bar cart in your “cloffice” or living room. I plan to add more to the wall as I build my vinyl collection.

Vinyl record storage colorful home decor iridescent acrylic shelves

Checkered Shag Rug

Go on, click the photo below. You won’t even guess how affordable this rug is. It comes in a few sizes making it perfect under a bench at the end of a bed, under a desk, or layered over your area rug for added coziness while watching TV.

checkered pink shag rug colorful home decor

Iridescent Wavy Mini Mirror

Adding mirrors to a small apartment is key for amplifying what little light you may get. It also helps your space feel a bit bigger. My apartment doesn’t get direct sunlight so it’s nice to use small mirrors to capture sunset reflections off other buildings to bring light in. I love this little way mirror; it’s perfect for creating flatlay content or just looking pretty on a dresser.

iridescent wavy mirror colorful home decor

Rainbow Wireless Typewriter Keyboard

There’s something so satisfying about typing on a retro keyboard. It makes the experience of working at a desk more playful and the colors are a welcome dopamine hit during an otherwise drab WFH day. It’s wireless, making it fit your cordless aesthetic…and the batteries last a LONG time. It comes in a few background colors other than white, click the link to see if your favorite color is included!

rainbow typewriter wireless keyboard colorful home decor

Bubble Mug and Saucer Set

I love nothing more than taking my morning coffee from this mug set on a WFH day or weekend, curled up on my couch. It comes in a few colors too, making it an easy pair with whatever color scheme your apartment is coded in. Bonus if you can snag the flavored whipped cream from Target. I’m living for the lavender lemonade and the strawberry flavor.

bubble mug funky drinkware aesthetic coffee mug colorful home decor

Snag one or all as you redecorate or add to your current space, the price makes it so damn easy to do so. Which one are you eyeing? For more home inspo, head to the home page.

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