5 Wardrobe Staples That Stay In Style Forever

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Style trends tend to move faster than a New York minute these days! While fun and exciting at times, it’s less so for your wallet. Are you constantly playing catch up, or worse, noticing everything you buy seems to fall out of trend in months? I hear ya, I was right there with you just a few years ago. Racking up debt: over 40% of what I had spent had been worn three months or less, bulking up my wardrobe because I felt horrible parting with it because of the loss. It weighed on me emotionally, and the overflowing closet added to my stress.

Here’s the good news: you CAN break the cycle. It starts with taking a step back: stare at the forest, not the trees. These five categories will help guide you to pieces that stand the test of time, and most importantly, style well with other pieces you already own. Ready to take control of your closet? Let’s DO THIS THING. Here are my top five wardrobe staples that stay in style forever.

Quality Leather Jackets

I won’t shut up about mine, because it’s hands down the best investment I ever made in my wardrobe. Not just any jacket, either. You’ve gotta commit to the quality, otherwise, you’ll end up having to dole out another 3-4 figures in a couple of years or less. If real leather isn’t your jam, that’s okay too. Again, quality, quality, QUALITY. The following recommendations include just that, in styles that are timeless.


White Button-Downs

Having a uniform staple is absolutely mandatory. I love having an oversized white button-down in my closet to pair with my work attire, dress up for nights out, or a dress version you can wear sans pants in the warmer months. I call it my Karl staple: you can’t go wrong with a crisp collared white top. Karl Lagerfeld knew the deal. This one I’m wearing from Zara has been worn at least 7 times in several different ways since I bought it a month ago. How’s that for cost per wear?


Shift Dresses

Not only are these size-friendly to accommodate any shifts in weight, but they’re also almost always in style, depending on what fabric and cut you choose. Stick to solid colors and heavier fabrics: they look much more elegant and can be dressed up or down, unlike a frilly spring number that is often confined to a single season/dress code.


Classic Heels

Several of my classic designer heels are ones that have lasted in my wardrobe longer than anything. When you purchase a high-quality pair, you can get them re-soled, and wear them for years, even decades. Take it from my Louboutin Simple Pumps: I’ve owned them for over 12 years. You don’t have to break the bank either: there are affordable options that look luxe and are equally comfortable. Opt for a block heel for that reason. You’ll reach for them more often, and they make smart commuter footwear that transitions easily. My favorite picks out there now are below.


Daily Handbags

Having a solid daily wear bag that’s elegant enough for nights out, but smartly designed enough to last the day is crucial. Honestly, outside of the leather jacket, this is one of the most important investments you can make. Opt for one of these bags instead of the last trending Gucci bag: your closet will thank you later. They’re designed to carry all your daily essentials without the burdensome issue of tote bag handles, which are honestly so uncomfortable. It’s the reason I refuse to buy bags like the LV Neverfull or Dior Book Tote.


That’s a wrap on my top five picks for wardrobe staples that stay in style forever! Have questions on what other items are great investments, or affordable alternatives? Let me know below, I love answering any direct questions that come up for you.

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