8 Holy Grail Products For Sweat-Proof Summer Skin

Summer Skincare

New York’s humidity chamber of doom is on the way, which means that summer skincare is ready on deck. The brutal sweaty East Coast summer is not my jam. I’m a California native, after all. However, I love New York too much to ever leave. Achieving perfectly snatched skin in 100% humidity is possible, I’m going to show you how. The key? Less is more. All you need are these 8 holy grail products for sweat-proof summer skin!

Sweat-Proof Summer Skin Part I: Prep Your Face Correctly

I am unduly familiar with sweating and makeup: former trainer/fitness instructor here. Additionally, humidity is not my thing. I’ve learned to live with it, though. I’ve sworn by a simple group of products and added to them over the years as skincare evolved The key to sweat-proof summer skin is proper planning: never mix silicone-based products with water ones. Next up, hydrate your skin upfront. The more skin gets dry, the more oil it produces. Plump it out with the following products, and never…I repeat, NEVER…skip your SPF. For less BS, just add it into a clinical formula moisturizer and find a foundation with SPF. Or, my personal favorite, just use a quality tinted SPF (45-50 is ideal). Of course, layer your needed serums in after. I usually do a Vitamin C or Lactic Acid type.

Sweat-Proof Summer Skin Part II: Pick The Right Makeup

Primer is the first product you should add if you haven’t already. For summer, opt for a hydrating one that grips. The ones listed below are the only ones I trust for truly sweat-proof performance. This second part is obvious to most. Not all foundation is created equal, especially in the summer months. In order to do this, forego your usual full coverage makeup and opt for lighter, buildable options. News flash: you’ll get the same coverage, with half the pain of fighting the weather. Wearing the same foundation year-round? This should be the first thing you adjust come summer. Instead, invest in a solid concealer that blends seamlessly with a lighter, buildable foundation.

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