A Minute With Mandy: How To Juggle A Side Hustle

Free People New Way To Shine Skirt x The Arrivals Moya x Drip NYC x NYFW Street Style x How To Juggle A Side Hustle

I can’t believe it’s officially been ONE YEAR since I moved to New York City! What a crazy yet exciting year it’s been. I’ve never felt more at home and right where I’m meant to be. However, amid the highlights here on the blog and through my stories on Instagram, there’s been a few things behind the scenes that I haven’t touched on. One in particular stands out as something I want to share with you, as I’m sure many of you are in the same boat: juggling a full time job with some sort of passion project/side hustle. I’m not gonna lie, it can be exciting and the extra income certainly doesn’t hurt. I’m also not going to lie and say it’s a walk in the park either. This week, I’m giving you the real scoop: how to juggle a side hustle and not have a mental breakdown.

My Experience

Many of you know I work a full time career in tech sales. It’s a career that’s almost 5 years in the making after I left the military, and I have no plans of ever leaving it. A few years back, I started this column of essays to break down the stigma of sharing our struggles. When it comes to this week’s topic, there are similar feelings. This year behind the camera had lots of downs, and lots of struggles. As someone who grew up being taught to hustle, I have trouble slowing down and admitting when I need help. This year, it resulted in me experiencing major anxiety, burnout, and a lack of a social life. What you saw on the outside this year was major blossoming in the quality of my content here, and major steps in my professional career in tech. What you didn’t see: I stopped working out regularly, and would find myself drowning in the details, and even missing a fashion show this season due to putting the wrong location in my calendar. There were emotional breakdowns and tears sprinkled in too.

Something Has To Give

Last week, while sitting on the floor in tears with a box of Prince Street Pizza, it hit me: I forgot the importance of personal admin. When you focus on the big picture too much (I blame the artist/macroeconomist in me), you lose sight of how you get there. The strategy to change the world is in the small steps. I knew it was time to take action to clean up the mess. There’s 3 major hacks below that get you back on track.

Time Blocking

Let’s be serious: we all waste shitloads of time during the day. I fall victim to the mindless scrolling on social media, inspiration hunting on Pinterest, you name it. However, it’s not WHAT we do, it’s how long we actually spend doing it that makes it seem like we have no time left. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve wasted hours scrolling in between making content on Instagram/etc. It’s basically procrastination. This past month, I took a long hard look at my editorial calendars/to-do lists and totally revamped the way I start my work when I get home from the office. I give myself an hour to unwind/cook dinner and lunches/clean, and then its ON:

8:00 – 9:00pm: 30 minutes to create the day ahead for Instagram stories, 10 minutes to check off my to-do’s and add tasks to upcoming content, and 30 minutes to journal or browse for inspiration through reading editorial content.

9:00 – 10:00pm: Relax (Prime TV, read, anything not work related)

10:00pm: Bedtime!

7:45 – 8:30am: Wake up, make collagen coffee, mask, respond to Instagram comments/etc

8:30 – 9:00am: Get ready for the day: shower, makeup, out the door to work by 9:15am

2:00 – 2:30pm: break for lunch, respond to social media comments, respond to emails/negotiate brand contracts

7:30 – 8:30pm: Work out. I spend 2 nights a week now at the gym or in a strength class. Goal is to get to 3 or 4 by summer as I get better with time management again.

Project Management Software

As a gal who sells software, I can tell you tech is here to make your life easier. If you’re like me and have trust issues when it comes to hiring assistants, or can’t afford it, tech can shoulder the burden. My go to software includes Trello, Evernote, and Planoly for Instagram. Trello is a great way to get a project on the map, with actionable steps you can organize to stay on track. I use this primarily for editorial content and photoshoot planning, adding in scouted locations, wardrobe selections, etc for each post. Once I’ve shot the content, I move it into Planoly, where I can pre-draft all my Instagram posts for the week, making it less burdensome to post during the day when I’m working. Evernote is always in the background, it’s like my digital journal I can add quotes, ideas, and pin content for future content!

Make Time For Yourself

I can’t stress this enough. FUCK the voice in your head. That sentiment was the most important piece I took away from my Landmark Forum. You will always think you’re too busy, don’t deserve it, and the longer it goes on the more your life turns into a shitty disaster Tetris game. The less you focus on what you’re not doing yet, and rather focus on the now and how to get there, the happier and more successful you’ll become. I always have ONE day a weekend where I shut off social media, do shit I want to do. Hell, it’s why I moved to New York: to enjoy and take in the city and everything about it that inspires me. Never give that up. Even for your work: your performance will actually suffer if you do.

Free People New Way To Shine Skirt x The Arrivals Moya x Drip NYC x NYFW Street Style x How To Juggle A Side Hustle Free People New Way To Shine Skirt x The Arrivals Moya x Drip NYC x NYFW Street Style x How To Juggle A Side HustleFree People New Way To Shine Skirt x The Arrivals Moya x Drip NYC x NYFW Street Style x How To Juggle A Side Hustle Free People New Way To Shine Skirt x The Arrivals Moya x Drip NYC x NYFW Street Style x How To Juggle A Side Hustle

Outfit Details

Jacket: Moya III Leather Shearling Jacket, The Arrivals

Hoodie: Drip-“Sace” Tie Dye Hoodie, c/o Drip NYC

Skirt: New Way To Shine Skirt, Free People (SOLD OUT, on sale in white!)

Shoes: Neon Pink Rockstuds, Valentino (SOLD OUT, exact dupes for less than $110 here)

Gloves: Charm Fingerless Gloves, Karl Lagerfeld


Primer: Wonderglow Face Primer, c/o Charlotte Tilbury

Foundation: Your Skin But Better Illumination CC+ Cream, IT Cosmetics

Highlighter: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

Blush: Air Blush Soft Glow Duo, Marc Jacobs Beauty in Lines & Last Night

Contour: Match Stix Matte Skin Stick, Fenty Beauty in Mocha and Rum

Eyes: Naked Petite Heat Palette, c/o Urban Decay

Lashes: Ardell Wispies, Target

Lips: Rouge Pur Couture, YSL Beauty

Photos by Jon Cruz



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