Amazon Essentials To Declutter Your Life

How does one live in New York and not live literally on top of their appliances? It’s a tricky strategy, I’ll admit. While my sweaters live in drawers instead of my stove, I’ve found other ways to make my life necessities fit, just like I’ve done for my carry-on. After two years, I’ve started to build a solid base of home essentials that not only get the job done but also look good while doing it. Additionally, they had to hit very specific requirements pertaining to storage, durability, and effectiveness. I’ve found the majority of them through Amazon, a fast way to take control of your household without breaking the bank. Ready to start doing the same? Here are my Amazon essentials to declutter your life!

Declutter Your Mind First

This is the most important step. We’ve all been there too: Amazon re-orders that turn into hauls. Hauls that fill up our closets and end up sitting for years. I’ll admit, it was a bit easier for me to purge and reassess since I sold nearly everything prior to moving here. However, this is all about taking small steps.

A little story for ya…My life was not always perfectly minimized. While living in San Francisco, I’d accumulated 2 types of Swiffers, a broom, a huge vacuum, and random organization bins that took up valuable space. It was cluttered, and just NOT fun living around it. Not to mention having packs of sponges and varied cleaning supplies (some used only a few times). Guess what? You don’t need it ALL. The secret? Really thinking about what you buy before you place an order. Seriously…do you really need it, or is it just tied to the emotion of thinking you’ll want it?

I’m a huge fan of finding cleaning products that actually do it all, so I have less bulk and waste going on at home. Opt for reusable options first, and non-toxic cleaners that work on multiple surfaces. Take stock of the types of messes you make, and what you really need in a full-size bottle. For example, do you really need 5 types of bathroom cleaners? The same goes for vacuums: it’s not 1995 anymore, and we don’t need giant vacuums to get the job done.

Amazon Essentials To Declutter Your Life

I could go on for DAYS about random products that help on this front. Instead, I wanted this first home iteration to really set your foundation for building a more optimized home first. These appliances and products negate a need for larger versions or traditional options and will give you that minimalist feel, even in a tiny apartment with little storage space. Additionally, a few of these products are able to streamline your daily routine/spend. Click on the photo below to

Amazon Essentials to Declutter Your Life x Dyson V8 Vaccuum

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