6 Amazon Products I’m Buying ASAP

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Amazon can be the source of endless mindless purchases. It can also be the source of items that will make lasting changes in your life. This list includes Amazon products I’m buying ASAP and ones I’ve recently purchased that have had a lasting positive effect on my daily life over the past year.

Amazon Products I’m Buying ASAP

Aesthetic Waterproof Pet Blanket

This super soft blanket makes a cool addition to a colorful, trendy, home. I love that it is fully waterproof: great for puppies, keeping fur off my bed while my dog and I watch TV, and even if I’m eating in bed, haha! It comes in a few styles: this cloud one, a lilac checkered one, and a daisy pattern. It’s super affordable given the sizing options. The largest is under $35.

waterproof pet blanket with clouds, aesthetic pet home decor

Clear Silicone Airpod Max Covers

I bought these in the clear blue colorway a few months ago when I invested in a set of Airpod Maxes. It allows you to still see the beauty of the original color with a softer feel, unlike the traditional, shiny, plastic covers. I just bought the pink color now that it’s back in stock again! It’s a solid purchase you won’t regret as it protects your expensive headphones while looking beautiful.

Travel Size Steamer Iron

Most travel-size steamers and irons are MID at best, taking multiple passes to eliminate wrinkles. This one can be used like a traditional steamer (vertically) but also as an iron with an added steam punch. It gets wrinkles out of thick denim and silk dresses alike. I took it to Nashville to ensure my wedding guest dress was perfect! The entire family ended up borrowing it.

Nontoxic Self Tanner

Many self-tanners contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you if used consistently. It’s part of why I’ve learned to love my natural skin tone over the years while avoiding the sun. However, this brand is free from junk chemical ingredients and gives a natural tan. It’s the perfect blue-based tan tone, with ZERO orange undertones! I’ll be considering this for more consistent use in the future.

Dyson V8 Cordless Vaccuum

I’ve had this baby since Amazon Prime Day back in 2018. It’s the best vacuum I’ve ever used, bar none. It removes the majority of Australian Shepherd hair from my furniture and carpets, which is no easy feat. It’s 26% off right now too on a flash sale, so snag it if you’re in the market for a good vacuum. It’s perfect for small New York apartments with limited space as it does not skimp on power.

Portable Purse Friendly Charger

This brick charger is the most innovative one on the market for so many reasons. When fully charged, I can get two full charges out of it: one for my iPhone 14 Pro Max and my Airpod Maxes. What makes it exceptional is the outlet plug. You can recharge it on the go without having to use another wall charger and cord. It charges all types of devices, including all Androids and USB-C devices. No extra cords are required. It’s an all in one masterpiece. Want one double the power and size? Get this one for family use while traveling.

Which pick from this week’s roundup has caught your eye?

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