Are You Wearing Enough Sunscreen?

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Swimsuit season may be over, but sunscreen is ALWAYS in season. You’ve heard it everywhere: wear sunscreen. What does it actually mean though, logistically speaking? What’s often missing from this important conversation is exactly how much you should be using (err..reapplying) on a daily basis. Are you wearing enough sunscreen? Like…actually? Let’s find out.

How Much?

Lather up…right? More than you’d think, to be honest. Oily skinned peeps, I’m lookin’ at you! I used to use a tiny amount of sunscreen back in my college days to avoid the melty mess of a face mixed with makeup. A small amount just won’t do! Here’s the breakdown:

Face/Neck: 1/3 to a 1/4 tsp

Body: 1-1.5 oz (up to 2 depending on height/weight). Think of it like a shot glass worth of sunscreen.

Using a mist? Make sure you have an even SHEER coat over every area of your body and face. This is much more than your standard 2 pump mist on your face when using a makeup setting spray. When using my favorite setting spray sunscreen for reapplication, I like to do one X shaped spray and one T shaped spray on my face. Your face and body should be visibly sheen.

How Often?

One application just isn’t enough. That also includes the sidebar conversation about makeup with sunscreen in it. It’s not enough to simply rely on your foundation to get the job done. Here’s why: first and foremost, the amount of makeup you’re using is likely not enough to reap the full SPF benefits. Since most of us don’t prefer the cakey look of a heavy foundation, it just doesn’t cut it as your only line of defense.

Ideally, you should be re-applying sunscreen every 2 hours for maximum protection. Stay with me: I’m sure your subconscious did a backtrack thinking, “lather greasy sunscreen over my makeup? Get TF LOST B*TCH”…and I get it. Good thing it’s 2020, and sunscreens do come in the form of mineral powder and setting spray. These are my favorite way to touch up during the day for sun protection and oiliness! Always remember: when using an oil-free sunscreen, you will have to reapply more often.

Are you wearing enough sunscreen now? If not, the brands below are my most trusted picks when it comes to daily sun protection. They meet all the above parameters to ensure you won’t be aging quicker than you’d like.

Sunscreens To Start The Day With

Sunscreens For Reapplication

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