Beauty Budget Hacks: Sephora Is Giving You 20% Off Everything Right Now

Sephora VIB Appreciation Event x Beauty Mini Fridge

When you budget, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Just like setting goals in our daily lives, it’s immensely important to set goals for yourself when it comes to your daily and yearly purchases. One of the most asked questions I get from you is how I afford some of my favorite beauty products. While some find it taboo to talk about money, I personally disagree and have no problem answering on the subject. While I do spend a portion of my income on pricier beauty products, it’s not an impulse buy or treat. Here’s the secret: I plan out my purchases for the year, and line them up according to certain beauty sales throughout the year. This week? Sephora is giving all VIB’s a blanket discount off everything in stock. That’s right: (love you mean it, but…) you’re an idiot if you miss this. From a smart budget standpoint, that is.

Sephora VIB Sale Deets

The promotional period is running from the 24th through the 3rd. Depending on what level VIB you are (Rouge/VIB), you’ll get to take advantage of the following discounts:

20% for VIB Rouge cardholders

15% for VIB cardholders

10% for Insiders

The Hacker’s List

When it comes to sales, there’s nothing that excites me more than splurges on larger/spendier purchases. If given the choice, I’d spend $100 on fewer quality/designer items over a boatload haul of 50% off fast fashion. If you think I buy my pricier beauty products on a whim walking around SoHo on the weekend, you’re sorely mistaken. I. PLAN. THIS. SH*T. OUTTT. For this post, I wanted to touch on personality types when it comes to skincare and beauty. Pick your poison below:

Fuss-Free (aka BS and Cruelty-Free)

If you’re an au-natural kinda individual or prefer the less-extra kind of routine, there are a few brands you absolutely must know about:

REN Skincare: This brand is all organic, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. REN gifted me the Ultra Calming Mask and Global Protection Cream this past month, and am obsessed with the results. The Perfect Canvas Primer has been a go-to of mine for years well before I started working with them. It’s perfect for anyone, regardless of what level makeup you love, from nothing to full coverage!

Drunk Elephant: This is a newcomer to the beauty scene, and I must say it’s become an instant favorite because the products WORK. My top picks include the TLC Sukari Baby Facial and Polypeptide Cream.

Lawless Beauty: Developed for exactly this purpose, Lawless brings a new approach to clean (and still effective) beauty. If you’re super sensitive to makeup products or being cruelty-free is of utmost importance, you need to check this brand out. Not to mention, the consistency is beyond incredible to boot.

The “Wannabe” Extra

If you like to look like you’re extra without the time commitment, these brands and products need to be in your daily lineup:

Fenty Beauty: I’ve yet to find a better foundation that gives you a beat face without the BS. Apply once, look fly AF for the next 24 hours. It’s really that easy. My must-haves include the foundation, highlighter, and matte lipstick. Still not sure? Get this: my MOTHER uses this. You should too.

YSL: Certain products from this brand are not only worth the price tag but also worth the consideration if you’re looking to glam it up in a flash. The matte lipstick line is my go-to for just about any occasion, but especially for more formal events. The consistency is ultra-rich, making for a fabulously effortless finish.

The Kitchen Sink-er

If you’re a stage five beauty hoarder like me, these brands and products deserve a home in your beauty cabinet/fridge/closet/etc. No shame in the splurge.

SK-II: I rave about the Facial Treatment Essence nonstop, but there are so many other products worthy of a mention. Namely: RNA Power Eye Cream, Sheet Mask, and the holy grail, GenOptics Aura Essence Serum. I’ve seen a massive difference in my skin after using a full bottle of any of their products. No joke.

The Trendsetter

On the hunt for the next big beauty unicorn? Yeah me too. These are the brands and products that need to be on your radar.

Huda Beauty: I’ve been obsessed with these lashes since her early days, and now there’s a whole line of equally bougie products for you to knock yourself glam with! I’m ALL about the palettes and creme lipsticks!

Lilly Lashes: A huge fan of Miss Ghalichi myself, I’m ALL about being extra AF when it comes to makeup. You can now snag her killer lashes here at Sephora, and they’re worth the price tag. While lash extensions may be the trend du jour, I’m all about the next frontier: lashes that don’t suck.

Olaplex: I’ve been using this for YEARS thanks to my top-notch hairstylists, and it’s now hit the mainstream. Ladies with a high maintenance dye job? THIS. NEEDS. TO. BE. IN. YOUR. CABINET. Bottle blondes, I’m talkin’ to you.

Sephora VIB Appreciation Event x Beauty Mini Fridge Sephora VIB Appreciation Event x Beauty Mini Fridge Sephora VIB Appreciation Event x Beauty Mini Fridge

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