Beauty Nutrition: 3 Products That Get The Job Done

Beauty Nutrition x Products that work from the inside out

Just like the saying goes, beauty begins on the inside. In the same way our minds get stronger through studying, the same goes for our bodies. As your resident analyst/guinea pig, the proof’s in the plan. Your nutrition plan, that is. Whether you’re aiming to go full-clean mode or find the boost to hide your exhaustion, there are some tools you need in your back pocket. Like A-to-the-MF-ing-SAP.

Milk Thistle: Hangovers & Dark Circles

This is one of the primary ingredients of liver support supplements, and I’m sure you know where I’m going with this: drinking. As someone who supports balance between living a healthy lifestyle and being social, it’s important to understand how to balance it with nutrients and skincare. It’s not enough just to pound a glass of water and hope for the best after a fun night out. I’ve started adding these supplements on nights I know I have events involving drinks, with guidance from my personal trainer. What’s the consensus? Better skin, and happier wake ups. For an added boost, apply it topically, as it slows the signs of aging due to stress/drinking.


Collagen: Smooth & Wrinkle Free Skin

This is not the first nor the last time I’ll discuss the killer benefits of adding collagen to your diet. It’s a building block of our body, from muscle tissue to the skin, and we lose it naturally as we age. Consider it your secret weapon if you can’t afford or don’t want Botox.


Melatonin: Stress & Better Sleep

This is a new regular addition for me personally. I’ve taken it in the past, but never regularly, or topically. A month ago, I committed to taking it at bedtime in the form of gummy vitamins, and topically via Peter Thomas Roth’s Cannabis Sleep Cream. The result? I’m still no morning person, but I do feel better and less bitchy when I wake up. Same goes for my skin. I’ve even quit the snooze button. Get on it, people.


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