Beauty Tools: How To Build Your At Home Med Spa

beauty tools + at home medspa

Not all beauty tools are created equal. Especially when it comes to results, and price tags. Am I right? Many of you may have passed on the thought of adding some of them to your beauty cabinet for both of those reasons. However, it’s your lucky day: I’ve got the shortlist cued up with all the reasons why they’re worth the hype, and the investment.

Fine Lines + Dull Skin: GloPro Micro-Needling Tool

I’ve gotten two micro-needling treatments at a medspa and can attest that they can get pricey. Especially if you get them as regularly as you should. I’m talking $100 and upwards of $700 a session depending on the area treated. While medspa treatments do give you better results (duh, medical), you can supplement your appointments with an in-home option. I use mine 3-4 days a week (spaced out) and now get my treatments once quarterly. Literally, thousands saved with a smaller investment of $200. Especially when it can last you years in your cabinet.

Uneven Skintone + Wrinkles: Eterno Red LED Light Therapy Device

The regeneration benefits of the Eterno red LED light therapy device is EQUAL to those that you’d get in a medspa. It’s one of the few tools on the market that delivers ACTUAL medical grade results. The same technology is also used to grow plants in space by NASA. If that’s not results AF, I don’t know what is. Also, any tool that offers a collagen boost, and I’m there. I’ve been using my 3 times a week, and have already noticed a brightness and bounciness in my skin tone after a week. Stay tuned for its fine line treatment here in a few months when I report back.

Actual Clean Cleansing: Pop Sonic Leaflet

Hear me out: I’ve been a longtime Clarisonic user, but have recently shifted. I found myself replacing brush heads twice as often as suggested, in an effort to keep them free of bacteria and dead skin cells. It got a bit costly and the worry of bacteria didn’t help. The Pop Sonic is the evolution of the Foreo Luna, and in a BIG way. The Foreo was great at cleaning but wasn’t as handy to use due to shape in my opinion. The Pop Sonic Leaflet not only exfoliates your skin, but it’s also easily sanitizable, and can ACTUALLY hit the hard to clean parts of your face around your eyes and nose. The pointed tip and dual side is clutch! Say goodbye to the added laundry bulk of washcloths, breakouts, you name it. It saves.

Puffy + Irritated Skin: Beauty Bar 24k Gold Facial Massager

Rollers are the fucking rage right now. However, not all are created equal. If you’re looking to take your rose quartz or jade one to the next level this is it. Plus, it’s cheaper. For $12, you’re getting micro-pulses that help relax facial muscles, which is what causes wrinkles. I leave mine in the freezer and use it after applying serum on my face to help it soak in. I’ve had mine for 2 years and it’s still going strong. It’s also insanely satisfying to roll over a wet sheet mask.

beauty tools + at home medspa

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