Maybe I’m born with it, but it’s probably just this…

I can tell you right now its definitely not f-ing Instagram. 1. Satin Pillowcases This is number one for a reason. People are  ALWAYS stopping me to ask me how I have such long, healthy, and shiny hair. Well, here’s the secret, and it ain’t Brazilian blowouts or keratin, so your wallets will be happy. I have been sleeping on…
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Hairdryer Nightmares and Other Adventures

Another year renewed as Rouge, and it’s only March…….. #nocomment As my closest friends know, I have a serious addiction to Lululemon and Sephora. Among other things. Like Hello Kitty, and cupcakes…. However, I digress…It’s starting to get a touch out of control. My Marina apartment is only so big. Lately, however, my work schedule and new focuses in the…
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