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This past week has been pleasantly bearable considering that I have been trying to cut back on the baked goods assortment and endless amounts of amazing entree options. But I did it! A WHOLE WEEK without a cronut. WHOLE. Not even a “I’m going to cut a quarter of it out and just sneak that one bite” incident. Yeah, I…
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Let’s Judge What I Eat This Week: Step One to Getting …

I totally judged myself this weekend, and let me tell you, I have not fallen off the wagon, but literally left it burning in a ditch somewhere. Like awhile ago. As we all know from Friday’s post, its high time to get with it again, not only because I am craving to run another ultra (and actually qualify to enter…
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Catered breakfast and lunches and maintaining my sanity

A year ago, I was a girl that closely followed the paleo lifestyle with the occasional splurge once a month or otherwise sparingly, and hit the gym regularly. Out-of sight-out-of-mind was the way I lived, never stocking my cupboards with junk food, and not a lot of decent restaurants to tempt me. Seamless wasn’t an option either. I was fine…
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