Gifting Your In-Laws: The UNOFFICIAL Guide

Gifting your in-laws: no matter what kind of family you married into, gifting them is tricky all around. Since it’s likely you don’t know them that well yet, choosing a gift that’s a hit can be a bit tricky. Haven’t tied the knot yet? The same goes for those that are still in the dating phase. Shake off the anxiety,…
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4 Brands That Retain Their Value: Holiday Gifting Smart Investments

Which brands are worth the purchase, now and in the future? There’s literally nothing worse than taking a giant L on old loved items you’ve consigned or thrown up on Poshmark. Trust me, I’ve been there. As the years go by, and our attention to our formerly loved gifts and belongings start to fade, the question arises: can I make…
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Gifts For Him: The Annual Tomboy’s Guide To Winning At Guy …

As your resident tomboy, I give you the best gift guide of all: the secret of winning at guy gifting! Let’s face it: national television ads of sweaters and power tools just don’t cut it when it comes to buying for every guy. As a girl who has more guy friends than gals, I hear the feedback. Trust me, ladies, if…
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