Cheap Thrills: bourgeois beauty on a budget

I’m one picky B$%#& when it comes to beauty products.

Clearly, as I author this blog.


While I may be Sephora VIB Rouge and have an unabashed affinity for the finer things in life, it certainly doesn’t stop me from testing out and believing in great budget friendly products as well, because let’s get real: a high price tag doesn’t always equate to functionality.

Case in point: Benefit Cosmetics. FAIL. WHALE. I want to love them as a local San Francisco company, but goddamn. Their products are tragically horrendous, and mildly overpriced in my opinion.

Additionally, in the midst of today’s outrageous rental market, and cost of living here in general, I think it’s HIGH time that I post my favorite tried n’ true budget friendly products for y’all to get in on. Everything below is $15 or less.

You’re welcome.

Hair Oil

Suave Moroccan Argan Styling Oil | $7.49


This amazing product showed up as a sample in one of my JustFab boxes a year ago. I’ve been hooked ever since. As an oily haired gal, it is very important for me to find an oil that is lightweight. This oil is one of the lightest on the market, and it smells divine to boot. I use it on my ends to alleviate the straw-like effects of my consistent bleaching for my ombre ‘do. It also helps hide split ends if you are between cuts.

Dry Shampoo

I’m doing two types for this, because EVERYONE has their preferred poison, whether it be aerosol or loose powder.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo | $2.99


This stuff is the best on the market in this price range, and honestly, I prefer it over pricier brands like Oscar Blandi and Bumble & bumble aerosol. The scent is amazing, it isn’t overly powdery, and it blends in with my black hair with a simple spritz and quick massage in.

Verb Dry Shampoo | $14


This is much lighter than baby powder (which is also great and cheap in a pinch) but if you are looking to step it up from the baby powder trick, here ya go. It’s basically a dead ringer for one of my faves, the Bumble & bumble Prêt-à-Powder.

Hair Spray

Dove Hair Therapy Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hair Spray | $3.94


This stuff is truly amazing. Back in my military days where I went through a bottle every 2 weeks with all the crazy wet bun lacquering that went on to get my silky straight hair to cooperate, it was safe to say that sustaining my obsession with Bumble & bumble sprays was just not possible. I found this gem, and wow. It gives many of the $20 and up bottles a run for their freaking money. If it can hold my hair in place, it can hold ANYONE’S. Plus, it smells good.

Nail Polish

Sephora Formula X Polish | $10.50


It’s not the cheapest polish on the market, but it IS the one with the best staying power, and that, my friends, makes it well worth the extra few bucks. They money you save by having less frequent manis or polish changes is unmatched. Additionally, you can really get away without a top coat because the formula is so freakin’ awesome if you are super lazy like me in between my nail art manis.

Makeup Removing Cleansers

Again, two styles, because everyone needs one or the other at any given time.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Face Wash | $4.99


This stuff is AMAZING. I have been using it since I was a tween, and it does it’s job, and doesn’t interfere with my acne medications and other product regimen. Fresh rinsing, and pretty much a one swipe clean, even on waterproof and heavy eye makeup. Surfer/grunge makeup approved.

up & up Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes (Target) | $3.64


These are essentially philosophy Purity wipes. They are scent free, and take it all off without feeling like you are scraping your first layer of skin off your eyes. Plus. $3.64 you guys. $3.64. Think about it.

Hair Accessories

Scunci No Slip Grip Hair Elastics | $3.19 (14pk)


Their advertisement of “virtually” unbreakable is a lie. They ARE unbreakable, and holy sh*% do they hold. I can wrap em 3 times around my thick ass ponytail and it keeps it perky without a single sag. EVER. Plus they look professional and don’t take away from your glam style for work, events, and workouts. Cheap and useful? YES PLEASE.

Body Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture Spray & Go Moisturizer | $6.49



This MUST be talked about. If Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is not in your budget or you aren’t an Equinox member, this stuff is the best thing to happen to the world of lazy but beauty obsessed gals since dry shampoo. Literally, spray and GO. No dry time, and buh-bye scaly skin.

BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream | $7.49


This stuff is the best BB cream under $10. It is light, actually provides coverage, and doesn’t sweat off and look like crap. I was honestly surprised by the professional power this drugstore brand packed when I was forced to use it one day I forgot my makeup on a trip and had to use my friend’s. If you can’t afford the Trish McEvoy BB Cream, and Nordstrom is starting to side-eye you for coming in and asking for samples once a month, this stuff is for you.

…and just like that. Beauty on a budget. Owned.




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