Early 2000s Style: How To Master The Trend

Early 2000's Fashion

Just out here living my best Jenna Rink life, ya know? Early 2000s style is on a fucking roll these days, just ask Gen Z. However…there’s an art form to giving it a 2021 makeover though, without it getting the dreaded cheugy classification. In last month’s Instagram poll, it barely squeaked out as the winner against 2021’s other most popular trend, utility. Seriously, it took 3 polls to break the polarizing stalemate! As an elder millennial who got the full college experience of life in the early 2000s, I remember the high points and the low points. This year, I’m breaking down for you the pieces that will feed your nostalgia without going overboard, or worse judging yourself in a year for your chuegy style choices. Welcome to your style guide to master the trend like a pro!

Early 2000s Style Tips/Ideas

Two Trendy Pieces Max Per Outfit

Aim to have one (max two) nostalgic nods per outfit. Any more, and it just looks gaudy, and not in a stylish way. I personally like to mix a subdued piece of jewelry with louder statement pieces like a graphic tee or Y2K style dress. Another way to make this happen is to take a solid colored article of clothing that has 2000s qualities. Think lace-up tops, camisole dresses, vests, palazzo pants, or cardigan-style tops. Keep them in neutral colors for a more luxe and timeless take on the trend. A few of my favorite pieces styled for a few looks:

Early 2000s Everyday Casual
How To Wear

This look is an easy and casual way to slip into the trend with items you likely already have in your wardrobe. Add a pair of chunky or slim jelly sandals to your look for a nostalgic nod back to the 2000s without overdoing it. If jellies aren’t your thing, a pair of platform sneaks will also do the trick to get the look. Rectangular sunnies were all the rage back then. To give it the 2021 makeover, trade the rimless mirrored lenses for something more neutral.

Early 2000's Style Trends

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Early 2000s Elevated Casual
How To Wear

Looking for a slightly more fashion-forward approach? Make your clothing your statement piece instead of footwear. I love pairing this tie-back top with high-waisted pants of every kind. However, it really packs a punch when worn with structured wide-leg trousers. These Amazon pants come in a ton of vibrant colors and patterns, making them easy to pair with a string top. The best part? You’ll keep these pants around longer than this trend since they’re a classic cut.

Early 2000's Style Trends
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Early 2000s Nighttime Chic
How To Wear

There’s nothing more classic 2000s than a spaghetti strap dress, and timeless, of course. This is a great investment to add to your closet as it can be styled for any decade given it’s simple structure. Aim to snag solid-colored ones with little detailing to ensure it stays in style for years to come. Give it the 2020’s makeover with an updated structure like this stunner below! It also comes in a gorgeous golden yellow. This is easy to dress up and down as well, simply add a denim jacket (this one’s on sale too) to the mix. Early 2000's Style Trends

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2000s Pieces That Won’t Be Cheugy Any Time Soon

Not gonna lie: this trend can go south real quick and expect it to fall off in a year or so. Chunky charm bracelets/necklaces…I’m referring to you. Go easy on that one, and save your hard-earned cash for the ones below. As always, invest in fun, yet classic pieces you can incorporate forever if you love this style period! My top picks for items that meet these criteria are below:


That’s a wrap on this month’s early 2000s style series! Was this style edit and how to helpful? Let me know in the comments below, as well as other style trends you’d like broken down in the future. Next month, get ready to break down the utility trend. Until then, head to my fashion page for more tailored advice.

Early 2000's StyleEarly 2000's StyleEarly 2000's Style Early 2000's Style

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