Fall Beauty Edit

Fall Beauty

Fall has finally moved in here in New York, which has sparked my seasonal beauty cabinet switch-up. It spans across the skincare ingredients I use to the shades and formulas of makeup that come to the forefront. Does your skin stop responding to your usual loved products or new issues arise while using them? You may need to swap them out for different ingredients. Our skin’s needs change by the season (albeit the pesky breakout issue) and our beauty cabinets need to respond accordingly. These are the ingredients to look for when you’re shopping for this season and the products I trust most to deliver gorgeous results all season long.

Fall Beauty Edit

As the weather gets cooler and the wind gets stronger, it’s important to prep your skin accordingly. Here’s the step-by-step game plan to set your beauty cabinet up for fall.

Ingredients to Swap

While light, hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers make great summer partners, swapping them for ceramide and peptide-based products will give your skin the armor it needs to combat cold, dry air. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use hyaluronic acid in the colder months (you SHOULD), just focus on where it’s being applied. I love adding it as a serum in the AM/PM but not as the primary ingredient in my moisturizer. If you have dry skin, adding facial oil is paramount. Skip it if you’re oily or acne-prone, it only clogs your pores causing more breakouts.

The same goes for sheet masks. While quenching/plumping/hydrating masks work really well to rehab your skin after a day out in the summer sun, your skin needs something more repairing during the winter. Opt for moisturizing and calming ingredients such as glycerin and ceramides.

Ramp UP the peels. Cooler months are the ideal time to start the deep exfoliation process/fade dark spots and will leave you with radiant skin come next summer. Great skin is made over the course of 6 months to a year. Start working on it now if hot girl summer is your season. I aim to use them 3-4 times a week alternating days and types, aim for 1-3 if you’re just starting out or have more sensitive skin. A glycolic acid peel is great a few days after a more potent AHA/BHA clinical peel.

Ingredients to Keep

Niacinamide and Vitamin C are great year-round ingredients, as they work in tandem with your peels on fighting dark spots and evening skin tone. I always have them on hand. I love the thicker formulas for fall that have added bonuses like collagen in them, like my trusted Vitamin C serum from Dr. Dennis Gross. Since I usually use my peels at night, I use Vitamin C during the day.

Retinol is also a must. I use mine every other day. I like to swap it to a more gentle formula during the winter given I ramp up my peels. Look for options that contain ferulic acid, as it adds a calming effect to your skin.

SPF is a must 365 days a year. However, when the weather cools, I can get away with a more moisturizing formula. I love the moisturizing facial serum by Neutrogena as an affordable alternative to my pricier Obagi SPF.

Devices To Invest In

Invest in LED Light Therapy. Just like peels, this treatment is a slow burn on results. It took me a solid 8 months to see major results, to the point where I hardly wear anything but tinted SPF anymore. Even to work. It helps build collagen (100x more effective than drinking it) and helps ease the appearance of fine lines. If you get a mask that does it all (blue light), you can also combat acne. It’s my most used device, clocking in at 365 days at this point.

At-home laser hair removal…let’s talk about it. I was gifted this tool by SmoothSkin last year; after a year of using it weekly, I’ve noticed a drastic reduction in the thickness of my hair and now shave less often. Just like LED, laser hair removal is a lengthy process, especially with an at-home laser strength. Here’s why it’s worth the investment. You can do your own touch ups as needed, without the expensive laser spa appointment. While many places claim you’ll never have to go back, that’s just not the case. You take the power back on spending when you invest in an at-home version. Your summer skin is made now, so opt for this investment in the cooler months.

All of my favorite clinical/science-forward brands that are front and center in my cabinet this season are linked below. If clinical brands are a bit too pricey, I get it. I’ve also linked my most trusted affordable products from Amazon that give great results.

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