Home Decor For A Small New York Apartment

Home Decor For A Small New York Apartment

Fitting your life into a New York City studio is a seemingly impossible task. Even more so as a gal with a passion for fashion and beauty products. However, it’s just that: seemingly impossible. Can you have it all? Absofuckinlutely. It takes a bit of finesse, which I’ve crafted into a repeatable science. Sit down, bookmark this post for later, because the way you think about home decor is going to make a life-shifting change in a very satisfying way. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for home decor for a small New York apartment!

The Science of Space

This is not your feng shui lesson. It’s something way more useful. What parts of your apartment need the most space? Grab a notebook and start jotting your thoughts down. Is it a king-size bed that takes precedence over all? What do you never use? Kick the dining table that collects dust to the curb and save the space for something a bit more useful. Rank your furniture/closet in order of precedence. You’ll need it later. Spatial allocation was something I learned early on (blame my civil engineer father), and a challenge I enjoyed tackling in every apartment I’ve lived in.

You want your place to FLOW. I find it best to place TVs above desks or other shelving: it helps hide cords down the wall, and it’s easy to see from the spaces you sit most in. In my case, I placed my couch in front of my bed to get the best of both worlds: TV in bed and on the couch. It also makes my space feel less segmented and cramped. When it’s side by side, you often lose the space for an eating area in most square room studios when you segment it side by side. Is your desk in a cave? Move it in front of the window to increase productivity and overall happiness.

Measure, measure, MEASURE. Buy the larger pieces first that are most important to you, and then fit everything else around them. Never buy things all at once. This post is long coming because it took me almost a year to curate and source the best fitting pieces for my exact room size. Also, use your vertical space smartly. Do you really need a full bookcase, or sunglasses taking up valuable horizontal space? Try my favorite invisible wall shelving below instead. See them in action in my home on my TikTok video! I’ll be putting a home tour video together soon once I get my C-Table delivered, so follow me on Instagram to stay in the know.

Home Essentials For A Small New York Apartment

Not every piece of furniture is made equal, especially in those tough-to-fit spaces of a tiny New York apartment. They won’t always be the cheapest option: the spatial allocation you’ll get will make it worth the splurge though. Case in point: my slim low drawers from CB2 are the slimmest you’ll find anywhere on the internet…trust me, I did the legwork to find a cheaper option. Months later, I’m glad I didn’t cave for a cheaper, bulkier option. These pieces have stood the test of time in my apartment: both style and quality-wise. To see them in action and a mini-tour of my space, watch the TikTok video below!


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I’ve rounded up all the essentials that will make any space appear larger while holding the max amount of belongings in a classy way. Shop all my top picks below!


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Home Decor For A Small New York Apartment Home Decor For A Small New York Apartment Home Decor For A Small New York ApartmentTrending Sunglasses 2021Home Decor For A Small New York Apartment

What home decor for a small New York apartment is calling your name? Let me know in the comments below. Regardless of what city you live in, these pieces will keep you from losing your sanity due to clutter. For more space-saving pieces, head to my Amazon essentials to declutter your life post!

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