How To Pack For A Ski Trip

Growing up in Northern California, ski trips were a regular thing. Over the years, I watched my dad strategically pack each bag, magically fitting it and our equipment into our suburban. Every item had its place, and it all made sense somehow. It legit blew my mind: what was the secret sauce? The strategy and prep are oddly easier than you think. Here’s your actionable roadmap on how to pack for a ski trip and not lose your mind:

Step 1: Picking The Right Luggage

Investing in quality luggage goes farther than just looks, it’s about finding a reliable design that works with you, not against you. Thoughtfully crafted designs help you organize things you’ve packed. Whether you’re a regular ski bunny or regular shredder, these bags are designed to pack a ton of sh*t in minimal space.


Step 2: How To Pack For A Ski Trip The Right Way

This is another genius method I learned from my dad. It’s not a cram fest, it’s a Tetris game. Roll all of your under layers and stack them in a row, and repeat. I like to stack the bottoms and bulkier sweaters at the foot of the suitcase, it leaves space in the top for accessories. Wear your boots on the plane along with your parka. It’s an easy way to cut down on space and weight in your bag.

Always pack your actual ski gear in a separate bag. I’ve ruined goggles trying to cram them in my roller, trust me: it’s not worth it. Furthermore, you never want to be THAT person that’s disorganized and missing stuff making everyone late. Having the gear in the second bag is the hack. Check a bag, carry a duffle on the plane. Regular outdoor enthusiasts: this North Face duffel is the bag you want. My brother takes it on over 30 trips a year BASE jumping, so it can take a serious beating out in the elements. Navy SEALS love it too, obv. I personally love the black one, the patent gives it a more sleek look.

Refer to the list above for my separate bag recommendations!

Step 3: Toiletry Hacking

I’m not talking beauty right now either: this is way more serious. First up: ALWAYS pack a first aid kit, or call ahead to your hotel and ask. There’s literally nothing worse than busting your ass and not having some basic stuff on your person on the slopes if needed. If it’s not you, it’s some reckless moron side swiping you on their snowboard. I’ve seen it happen more times than I’d like to admit. The ones I love are below: they’re meant to be packed in small spaces, and approved by avid outdoor peeps.

Always bring a higher sunscreen than you usually use. I prefer the 100+ by Neutrogena since it’s more water-resistant and not greasy for your face. Keep a powder sunscreen in your pocket for reapplication throughout the day. Pack your winter skincare must-haves. My fave travel-friendly ones are below:


Now get out there this season and crush it!

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