How To Pack For A Ski Trip

Farm Rio Ski Jumpsuit, woman wearing a colorful ski jumpsuit, how to pack for a ski trip

Growing up in Northern California 45 minutes away from Tahoe, ski trips have been a regular thing since I was 5. Over the years, I watched my dad strategically pack each bag, magically fitting it and our equipment into our suburban. Every item had its place, and it all made sense somehow. It legit blew my mind: what was the secret sauce? The strategy and prep are oddly easier than you think. Here’s your actionable roadmap on how to pack for a ski trip and not lose your mind.

Step 1: Picking The Right Luggage

Investing in quality luggage goes further than just looks, it’s about finding a reliable design that works with you, not against you. Thoughtfully crafted designs help you organize things you’ve packed. Whether you’re a regular ski bunny or regular shredder, these bags are designed to pack a ton of sh*t in minimal space. While I refuse to check bags on 98% of my vacations, I prefer to have ONE checked luggage for ski season in addition to your equipment bag. Invest in checked luggage that’s trunk-sized, allowing for larger items to be packed more easily. This way, your Moon Boots can be checked instead of worn on the plane. Let the cowboy boots take that job.

Let’s talk ski equipment. You can fit the majority of the equipment and outerwear bulk into your ski bag, saving the rest of your checked luggage for your aprés ski fits. The universal ski/snowboard bag linked below will do just that. It fits my jumpsuit (pictured here), base layers, gloves, helmet, goggles, skis, and poles. This amount of gear is also under the weight limit, so you won’t pay extra for oversized bags. While I’m a Delta princess, I fly Southwest only for ski season, as your ski equipment flies free…and that’s GIRL MATH. More funds for aprés drinks and boutique shopping in hot spots like Big Sky and Aspen.

Step 2: How To Pack For A Ski Trip The Right Way

This is another genius method I learned from my dad. It’s not a cram fest, it’s a Tetris game. Roll all of your layers and stack them in a row, pack them into a cube (this set I use has multiple sizes which is great for packing accessories), and repeat. I like to stack the bottoms and bulkier sweaters at the foot of the suitcase, it leaves space in the top for accessories. Wear your bulkiest aprés clothing on the plane along with your parka. It’s an easy way to cut down on space and weight in your bag.

Always pack your actual ski gear in a separate bag. I’ve ruined goggles trying to cram them in my luggage next to beauty accessories, trust me: it’s not worth it. Always pack your goggles inside its cover bag and then in your helmet. Are you feeling anxious about damaging them? Pack your helmet in one of these, then pack it in the equipment bag.

You never want to be THAT person who’s disorganized and missing stuff making everyone late. Having the ski gear in a separate equipment bag is the hack. Check a bag and carry a duffle on the plane if needed. Regular outdoor enthusiasts: this North Face duffel below is the bag you want. My brother takes it on over 30 trips a year BASE jumping so it can take a serious beating out in the elements. Navy SEALS love it too. For my aprés girlies, tap through the carousel below for more aesthetic options that are also equally functional.

Ship Your Gear Instead

I recently tried ShipSkis during my last PTO/business trip to NorCal. Not wanting to lug a ski bag on the business portion, I opted to have ShipSkis handle it. This service is 40% off if you have an Ikon pass. You’ll be able to choose FedEx pick up and drop off times to fit your trip parameters. It was the most pleasant experience EVER. No bag to schlep, zero drama on the front and back end of my trip.

Step 3: Toiletry Hacking

I’m not talking about beauty right now either: this is way more serious. First up: ALWAYS pack a first aid kit, or call ahead to your hotel and ask. There’s nothing worse than busting your ass and not having some basic stuff on your person on the slopes if needed. If it’s not you, it’s some reckless jerry side-swiping you on their snowboard. I’ve seen it happen more times than I’d like to admit.

Always bring a higher sunscreen than you usually use, and regularly check the UV index to ensure you’re wearing the right SPF level for the day. For outdoor and water sports, I swear by this SPF since it’s more water-resistant and not greasy for your face. Keep this holy grail invisible SPF stick in your pocket for reapplication throughout the day. It won’t smear your makeup and leaves no greasy trace behind. Pack your winter skincare must-haves. My favorite travel-friendly SPFs and toiletry bags (carry on friendly) are linked below.

My best piece of advice? ALWAYS build a full travel set of your daily skincare, hair care, and makeup. You’ve got 5 more days to save up to 20% off sitewide at the Sephora Sale, make your budget go further while building it! My travel size picks are all in one post here. It makes the task of packing go twice as fast with a grab-and-go bag. Linking my full travel skincare, hair care, and makeup essentials for you. Now get out there this season and crush it! Have any other questions? Let me know in the comments below and I can create a new post around it.

Farm Rio Ski Jumpsuit, woman wearing a colorful ski jumpsuit, how to pack for a ski tripFarm Rio Ski Jumpsuit, woman wearing a colorful ski jumpsuit, how to pack for a ski trip Farm Rio Ski Jumpsuit

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I swear by this gear below. Blizzard skis and Leki poles are not only aesthetically pleasing but super reliable. The poles have attachments to ensure you never tear your thumb muscles if you fall on the slopes.


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