It’s springtime b*tches… Time for white skinnies, so here’s how to stick with the workouts to get you into them!


Yesterday marked the official start of the spring season (although I personally call it when the Giants begin Spring Training… because Giants. obv). My fave white R&R skinnies are calling my name. This is also the time when most of you realize you have yet to start your New Year’s resolution, or have just abandoned the idea of it altogether. I often find myself in that March slump too, but have come to several realizations to keep my eyes on the prize (the prize being that the joke’s NOT on me when someone suggests an impromptu weekend in Tahoe with hot tubs or Stinson Beach). Oh, and my resolution too. It would be super awesome to be able to touch my toes and do the splits for the first time since I quit cheerleading in college. Its starting to get beyond embarrassing, and just downright pathetic at this point.

So how do you fix the mindset of making your fitness goals your happy time and feeling like less of a sacrifice?

Here are my personal ways to keep the momentum going:

Look cute. Number one for a reason. Let’s cut the bullshit. Working out is miserable if you don’t feel cute. You may judge me for saying this, but deep down, you know this is TRUTH. What is more motivating than knowing you look like a foxy badass? Nada. There is nothing that brings me down more while working out than knowing I look like 5 shades of sh*t. Just throw me a big ol’ bowl of froyo at that point. If you don’t know where to start, not to worry, one of my upcoming posts will share some of my fave brands and items to flatter just about anyone!

F routines. Like seriously guys. There is nothing more depressing or regressive than doing the same thing/different day dance. Not only does your body get complacent, but you also get bored -> go crazy -> melt down -> quit. There is nothing more infuriating to my Aries persona than routine. I am spontaneous, and live for thrill and passion. Like, here is the edge -> this is my life. I live on it. More people need to embrace a little of this nature, it is healthy, and keeps you sane by helping you find your personal flavor of spice for your life. Step the F away from comfort.

Choose something YOU enjoy. Why do something you hate? I did this when my friends would drag me to yoga. I cannot. CANNOT, because I’m all:

fat-man-does-yoga maxresdefault

Making your fitness goals attainable requires you to stick with it, and doing something you hate is the fastest way to quit city. I have found my happy balance between ultra running, barre, and surfing. Find something that makes you want to get off the couch, not what someone else thinks is awesome, fun, or cool. At the end of the day, you’re the one doing it, so do YOUR thing.

Make a plan. Nothing in life can be a success without a well thought out and executed plan. If you are newbie to fitness, it can be extremely intimidating to forge the gym floor alone and unprepared. If you come with a set plan or one created by a trainer or coach like me, you are more likely to stick with it since it is broken down one step at a time.

Get real with yourself. If you say to yourself every year that this is the year you’ll finally run that half marathon, but you have yet to even make it out for a mile jaunt around the Marina Green, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, and the sulking couch potato behavior that follows as a result. DON’T DO IT. Start small, and build slowly. That should really be everyone’s mantra for life in general.

Get Support. What’s not better with friends? Pretty much nothing. If I’m having a particularly apathetic take on life, I rally friends to join me in working out. It’s an added bonus if it’s something uplifting and fun, like Soul Cycle or Bar Method.

If you really don’t know where to start, take the guess work out of it, and shoot me a message, making training plans is my fave!

So get off the couch, get into something cute, and hit the pavement and be awesome. Happy Friday bitches!


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