January’s Best Sellers

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January: what a FUCKING month, am I right? So much has happened in such a short four weeks (except for snow in New York sadly), including brand new best sellers that were honestly unexpected. Seriously, some of the top picks were ones that were posted…literally…yesterday. In the short downtime I had in December, I spent most of my time browsing Amazon and the general interwebs for new shit that would make my year more productive and also help me spend less money long term. You’re right on board with me tbh, the best-seller list to ring in the first month of 2023 is chock full of some seriously sick picks. Let’s unpack them together.

January’s Best Sellers

What makes these best sellers different? Almost all of them came from Instagram stories. Generally speaking, best sellers come from the blog itself. It’s got the widest reach of all the platforms and lives there permanently. However, this month was ALL social. Not in with IG the inner circle? Join in. It’s where I share the most valuable on-the-fly recommendations and general tips for making your year more successful. Let’s get down to business…shall we?

Best Sellers From Amazon

These are where the real goodies are. Everything you need to crush your at-home workout, umbrellas that can take on a fucking hurricane and not take someone’s eye out, pet bowls that are actually spillproof, fresh dog food solutions that will cost you under $100 a month, hangover pills that actually erase death, supplements that age you backward, and so much more.

Which of January’s best sellers did you snag this month? For the full archive of best sellers (that never go out of style), head to the best sellers page.

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