Let’s Judge What I Eat This Week: Step One to Getting Back to Business

I totally judged myself this weekend, and let me tell you, I have not fallen off the wagon, but literally left it burning in a ditch somewhere. Like awhile ago.

As we all know from Friday’s post, its high time to get with it again, not only because I am craving to run another ultra (and actually qualify to enter the Western States 100 lottery this time), but also because I look like a dumpy shapeless blob in everything, and I feel even worse. That said, the pain of portion control and paleo-only options this weekend are making me homicidal already (who starts a diet on a weekend?! Moron alert). There’s nothing that makes me more ragey than throwing out brand new TV dinners or other tempting junk food in the cupboards. Literally nothing. Except for burpees and moving in/out of apartments. Those two take the cake in life as WORST THINGS EVER.

Luckily, no need to worry, no one was harmed this weekend due to having a pretty unexpectedly amazing Valentine’s Day weekend, complete with the most amazing surprise ever, and something I had been hoping for for quite awhile. However, back to the real story at hand: my food consumption this week. Here’s how Friday started off on the food front. If you follow me on Instagram (RunningPrettySF), you already know. Yeah I know. Judge away. At least half was clean, and quite yummy, I must say! Snaps to our kitchen staff for an almost-paleo option!


The more you know: I learned 2 weeks ago that juice cleanses are the WORST way to kick start a diet or lifestyle change (for me at least! Not knocking those of you that have the willpower- I certainly do not, and it usually ends with me going on a rage-fueled junk food binge immediately after).


So in order to start this off right, I started with whole foods again, and slowly dropping grains. So far I have found my cravings for simple carbs and bread (ok so really just cronuts) to be less again now that it is gradually removed.

I am literally hiding from the pastries downstairs. It’s definitely going to take more than a few days to wean down the sugar impulses, so the longer I can go without seeing it, the better. I find that starting out with the out-of-sight-out-of-mind mindset for your worst cravings to be the best approach in the beginning. As you learn to live without it, it gets easier to resist later down the road.

As for actual meals this week, I have forced myself to commit to mild meal preps, stocking up on lean meat, veggies, and my trusty Vega green shake mix from Whole Foods. Its seriously the best: http://myvega.com/product/vega-one-nutritional-shake/ If you add avocado, a banana, and almond milk and a touch of shredded kale, it seriously tastes like the Green Banana Almond smoothie from The Plant over off of Chestnut! Yummy, and saves me money! Winning. PS- if you have never been to The Plant, you are seriously missing out. Its the best place to find something Paleo when you’re out strolling in the Marina.

Do it. You’ll be glad you did! http://www.theplantcafe.com/location/marina

Let’s hope I make it to lunch without getting fired for yelling and hanging up on people that call with stupid questions or requests.


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