My birthday week: maintaining fitness amid my out of control agenda

‘Tis the season y’all. My birthday month.

This week is the epicenter, my birthday week. Between the Giants’ home opener and my birthday, this week should really be a city-wide yearly holiday. Because obviously.

However, it is sadly not the case. This week has been one of the busiest of the season given everyone’s favorite time of the year: tax season! Needless to say my office has been an epic sh*tstorm lately as a result. Wah, finance. Spring break has come and gone in the school system, which means this week was also back to my regularly scheduled time with my girls for Girls on the Run! No matter how my day has been going at the office or personally, I can always count on the smiles and shenanigans of all my little girls! I literally adore them.

Between all of this, plus glam-up appointments, plus last-minute party prep, PLUS the Giants game tomorrow, I’m a bit tapped out and just want to lay on my couch with a cupcake and cappuccino. How am I maintaining the mindset to stick with the plan? It wasn’t just the horror of thinking about how I am going to be fitting in my Herve Leger this weekend, however, that is also a legitimate concern.

Since I didn’t have time for my daily workout everyday, I focused on other important things this week that usually take a backseat to my gym time when I get busy: Nutrition, and SLEEP.

So here ya go:

Baby food. Equals paleo. Equals NOT cronuts. These fun little squeezy slurpies that come with a cap for easy re-stashing in my purse are CLUTCH. They make a fabulous snack on the go, and with 3 of them, can also equal a meal in a pinch. You can find these organic types at Whole Foods.

photo 1

Meal Bars. Staying away from the kitchen is key for my lifestyle success. I know I lack willpower when faced with contraband within eyesight, so I STAY AWAY. Superfood meal bars keep my mind off my hunger and keep my body satisfied with the right nutrients! You can also find these bars at Whole Foods. I couldn’t even keep this bar unopened long enough to take a picture. Sorry (not really.).

photo 2

Just going to sleep. I often find myself up later than I probably should be, and my schedule isn’t the one to be blamed for it, although it makes a nice scapegoat in my mind 🙂 Here’s how I do it:

Make a list of the things you need to get done before bed. I easily jot this down while killing time on my commute home while listening to my tunes on Spotify. Once I walk in, its down to business! No more wandering aimlessly trying to remember what I should be doing, and subsequently getting distracted by other time sucks that don’t need attention (Bravo TV, Facebook, I’m talking to you… Love you mean it).


If you don’t believe me on the importance of sleep to your fitness regimen, don’t take my word for it. Check this out, all the way to the last sentence:

Sleep IS cross training. Recognize.


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