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Another year renewed as Rouge, and it’s only March…….. #nocomment

As my closest friends know, I have a serious addiction to Lululemon and Sephora. Among other things. Like Hello Kitty, and cupcakes…. However, I digress…It’s starting to get a touch out of control. My Marina apartment is only so big. Lately, however, my work schedule and new focuses in the community have taken me offline and away from product emails and the continued cycle of cyber window shopping that turns into impulse buys (because, I obviously NEED a new pair of running crops: I ran out since I was too lazy to drop off my laundry this week- completely valid reason). Additionally, you cannot have too many hair products. This is San Francisco people! You never know what you’re going to be up against, so prepare for everything. Spoken like a true doomsday prepper, wow. I really am my father’s daughter.

What got me dwelling on the horror of my Sephora hoarding today was the nightmare I woke up to yesterday morning. Waking up for market hours is not fun, and it’s even less fun when you’re already running late, and find out that your $250 hairdryer kicked the bucket (after a year no less, RAGE), and its freezing outside, so damp hair is no option. Nothing is more infuriating than running around stressed and half asleep trying to find your spare, only to end up having to sneak into your roommate’s bathroom to borrow hers, and knocking everything over in the process, in classic Mandy fashion. At 4:00 am. Yeah, I’m a stellar roommate. Needless to say, today, I skipped washing my hair. It’s probably for the best anyway, my gray toner will live vibrantly another day! #tinywins

I now sit faced with the horrible conundrum of choosing a styling tool. You KNOW what I’m talking about. There are too many options and it’s overwhelming. At a price point of $200 and climbing, you’re really making a commitment. It may not be a lifetime commitment, but it’s some serious stuff guys! After living my high school and college years in a dysfunctional relationship with Hot Tools and whatever hairdryer or flat iron came in the color pink, I finally put an end to the madness upon graduation and securing my first big girl job. My first investment was a Chi Flat Iron, and their pretty light blue Nano hairdryer. Both served their purpose, but weren’t anything special, my hair styles always ended up going flat, and the drying time wasn’t anything to write home about. However, as a 20-something on a budget, I didn’t really have the luxury yet of choosing something more effective, and at the time, I really didn’t know what else was out there. Which now, looking back, there really wasn’t.

After a road trip to LA with a girl friend, I discovered the results of a T3 dryer, after borrowing hers that weekend. My super thick fine-stranded straight hair used to take about 30 minutes or more to dry completely, and it was a soul-sucking experience to say the least. There was more than one reason I wore a wet bun for the better half of 2003 to 2010. After using my girl friend’s T3 Featherweight (the old white one with rhinestones on the handle- totally another selling point- yes, I am a child) I was SOLD. Completely. The next week, I tossed my crappy pink dryer from Target, and ordered a Featherweight stat. It was love from the beginning.

That little dryer was a trooper, and lasted me from 2010 until 2013, until she got donated to my mom (who LOVES my product and fashion hand-me-downs) when she gave me a pink (!!!) T3 Featherweight 2 for Christmas that year. This lovely pink thing was the best thing that ever happened to my hair (besides Wen of course! It will change your life), my hair took 8 minutes to dry and I loved it. Until Tuesday morning. There’s nothing like a year-old dryer blowing up within it’s 2 year warranty (which SUCKS, and is really not a warranty). That said, I am quite leery of choosing another T3. It’s such a painful breakup too, I loved my old one.

So here I sit, staring at the Sephora hair dryer page. Sifting endlessly through reviews. FML.

At least I’ve got my trusty Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder in the meantime:

I refuse to end up right back at square one in another year, so due diligence must be paid. Stay tuned for my final decision!


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