Paleo is for the people! Not just Crossfitters. (…and Crossfit should be too, but I digress.)

Fear not box-Crossfitters, this is not a rant on you directly, more an inquisitive “why” directed at the environment in which you are pressured to “on-board” into.

Disclaimer (because, you know…): This is in NO way to say every box or Crossfitter is like this, just my general consensus on ones I have been to across the state and country. Just my observation, so calm down.


Those of you that know me, know how much I despise the current faddish elitist group-think mentality taking over the Crossfit world. I’ve never been one for cliques, and this one gets no special treatment just because it’s related to one of my favorite workouts. I was introduced to Crossfit as a young college student-athlete during my days at US Naval Academy back in 2004. Born out of varsity sports with a minimalist mentality of using basic techniques that can be scaled to every person at every level, it resonated with everyone, whether they were a top athlete or just an “average joe” looking for a place to start. Tough, no BS workouts, and no BS intimidation factor. Needless to say, it took the military world by storm, and I was hooked. Taking the crap, government issued gym equipment from the 1980’s, I spent the majority of my collegiate training doing Crossfit when I wasn’t being 400-repeat tortured on the track…and you know what? I was a BAD.ASS. I’ve never run a faster 3 mile. I clocked in during those days around 19 minutes or so. I was also able to do real pull ups for the first time in my life. Even more than one! Not to shabby for my usually-useless and always awkward Olive Oil frame.

The times are a-changin’ friends. Once I left my college days behind, and came home to California, there seemed to be a shift in the mindset of those who did Crossfit. Actual gyms were popping up, and it was now a clique you had to essentially “rush” to get in. Personally, someone telling me that I need to try out, after having done the workouts for 10 years already, by someone who found Crossfit and got certified a year ago, I find mildly entertaining. It was a complete shift from where it had started, becoming extremely intimidating to the “average joe” gym goer, looking for a functional, tough, and scaled workout that would get them in the best shape of their life. Never mind that it costs $275 a month to be a member. For olympic lifting equipment and kettle bells….but I digress… It wasn’t long before Crossfit called official dibs on the paleolithic diet as well. Then, if you weren’t paleo, then you weren’t a true Crossfitter.

…and to those who think that, I say:


Anyway, let’s get to the main topic: Paleo, you guys.

When I moved to the city, I came across a couple of AWESOME companies that were paleo delivery services. Can I say, AWESOMESAUCE?! As a busy full-time professional, I found it hard to meal prep along with my outside commitments like volunteering and my sweet little pup, and could use the help for evening meals. I was immediately heart broken to learn that it was only available to members of Crossfit gyms (although they were not employed by Crossfit or have any affiliation with the brand). It was sad! Was I not worthy of pre-packaged paleo just because I was a member of Equinox and Crunch? I am a paleo eater, was that not enough?

I think its amazing that this idea has surfaced, but why only cater to Crossfitters? Something to think about. I know FOR A FACT that any gym in San Francisco would EAT.THIS.BIZNAZZ.UP. Like literally. Hey you local paleo delivery peeps, listen up. Equinox on Union Street is opening soon. Just sayin’.

Pitch. We’re waiting.



SO many awesome ideas are floating though my head at this point. If you want paleo goodies delivered to your home, but you don’t crossfit, stay tuned. This is a Running Pretty side “ad”venture. Stay tuned.


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