Post Gym Re-Glam Essentials: ShowerPill Wipes

Ever thought about/outright skipped a workout because you didn’t want/have time to shower? Lame ass excuse, right? We have all been there, however, so no judgements. I’ll start by publicly shaming myself on this one. Yes, even as the post-sweat beauty guru.

Owning it.

However, last month I found an amazing solution: ShowerPill Body Wipes!

I am always on the hunt for the best beauty products to make us look like rockstars post-workout (and just in general, really). Especially when it’s something that can save you when you’re in a major rush or other post-sweat dilemma (the mile long line for the shower during peak hours at Equinox, or other piss poor reasons to not do your workout). I got the chance to give ShowerPill a go this past month, and I must say it’s done some epic life saving for me.


Let’s start off like this: I’m not a fan of body wipes. AT ALL. Most leave a residue, and make you feel even more slimy and gross than you were. Just slightly less smelly. Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical on how I would like these things.

I could think of no better time to try my ShowerPill shipment than a few weeks ago after a long hot yoga session. I came home to find out that my building had shut off our water for the night, so I was stuck with finding another solution. I opened one of my ShowerPill wipes and was instantly impressed.

These are not your basic flimsy wipes: They are as thick as felt, and aren’t overly perfumed.

When you wipe your body, you ACTUALLY feel clean, and not like you’ve just rearranged the sweat beads on your skin. I felt fresh, and more importantly I smelled like I just took a real shower.

They are large enough that you don’t end up spending forever wiping your entire body off.

I AM HOOKED. They are a mega solution to my lame excuses for skipping workouts.

If you don’t add these to your gym beauty bag, you are a fool. I’ll be using these after every workout/hike that involves a post sweat brunch or coffee date. If you don’t add these to your purse, you are also missing out!


I’ll be buying a bunch of boxes for doomsday hoarding too.

Just kidding, but seriously.

That said, I will be hosting a giveaway on behalf of ShowerPill for my readers! For entry, complete the following steps by the end of this week:

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