Skincare Dont’s: The 5 Things You’re Likely Doing Wrong With Your Skincare

skincare don'ts

Skincare don’ts: what gives? It’s no secret that there’s a right and wrong way to use your beauty products. However, you might not know these simple tips when it comes to washing your face and applying your skincare, and how much they affect the performance of your products. This post will cover the biggest skincare don’ts and why you need to heed them every time you apply or take off your beauty products!

Skincare Don’ts #1: Letting water spray your face in the shower

If you’re a huge fan of washing your face in the shower, you’ve probably stood with your face under the showerhead, and rubbed your wash right into your skin. What’s the deal with this? The pressure of the water will cause you to naturally squint and wrinkle your face. It’s always better to bring the water to your hands first and then to your face. Also, always keep the water between lukewarm and cold. It’s less damaging to your skin! Hot water can cause your skin to become more dry and irritated, especially for sensitive or dry skin types.

Skincare Don’ts #2: Layering products too quickly

This is HUGE if you want to ensure maximum ROI on your pricy serums and creams. If you’re tired or in a rush, you’ve likely layered your products one after the other without a break. This actually inhibits the effectiveness of all the products together (it’s basically watering them down). Always wait until the product is of tacky consistency before moving to the next step. You want your skin to drink as much of it in as possible! I personally like to use my facial roller to massage serums into my skin once they become tacky.

Skincare Don’ts #3: Only applying eye cream under your eye and crow’s feet

Applying eye cream is a delicate art. This was a tip I learned early on from my esthetician back home: you MUST apply eye cream to the entire orbital bone, and out to your hairline. Make a full circle around your eyes (yes, onto the bridge of your nose), and use it sparingly on your lids. Since our eyes have so many capillaries, putting it around the bone is sufficient. Our blood vessels carry it further in toward your eye, without the need to over apply.

Skincare Don’ts #4: Leaving certain products out in your bathroom

This is some serious SATC “secret single behavior” shit. Just like our produce and other food with a delicate shelf life, did you know your skincare products require some TLC when it comes to temperature? I store certain products like vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and even my nail polish in the fridge. Why? Your products will become less potent, and less effective as the heat breaks it down. Due to the massive summer heatwave in New York, I recently bought a mini-fridge for the bathroom to have quick access to my delicate products. If you live with a roomie or your significant other, I highly recommend the mini-fridge option so you don’t freak everyone out. This is why it’s such a game-changer.

Skincare Don’ts #5: Leaving your sheet mask on too long

While you might think you’re getting the most out of your mask by leaving it on until it’s almost dry, you’re actually doing more damage. If you leave your mask on longer than 30 minutes, it will actually work oppositely: it will suck the moisture out of your skin. Leave it on per the instructions, then let your facial skin drink in the residue after taking it off.

skincare don'tsskincare don'ts skincare don'ts

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