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Commuter Entertainment x The Commuter's Lineup- Hacks + Reads x Khaite Dress x Free People New Way To Shine Skirt

Welcome to the first iteration of Unofficial Subway Reads, my curated lineup of content for the beauty, fashion and music obsessed. Reading was always my happy place growing up. It was my sanctuary, and my favorite way to learn about everything that interested me. Back in the day, I used to bring my favorite magazines and newspapers to read on my hour-long commute to school. Fast forward to 2019: I’ve turned it into a digital science that’s so much more fun.


Talk radio was ALWAYS on in the car on the way to school. If you’d asked me in high school if I’d freely choose to listen to talk radio as an adult, I would have laughed at you. Some topics were interesting to me, and others not so much. Music has always been the center of my world and the background of my reading time. Today, the birth of podcasts make it easy to tailor the topics I really care about into smart and quick lineup. Below are a few of my favorites I listen to weekly:


Fat Mascara: As a gal with a full-time day job too, I LOVE hearing from others that are on the same wavelength. Jess and Jenn are full-time beauty editors here in New York City. Here they share the latest on the beauty front, with a side of fucking hilarious humor. Think of this like an unfiltered IRL version of your favorite beauty magazine. It’s my favorite way to unwind on the commute home. I mean…who doesn’t like a good laugh AND great new beauty recs at the same time?

Breaking Beauty: Beauty obsessed PSYCHOS: this shit is for you. This podcast goes into the stories behind your favorite beauty brands. As a gal that works at a startup, these stories literally fuel my inspiration and motivation to create.

Life Improvement

Switch, Pivot, or Quit: GUYS: I wish I had found this two years ago! Back story: I had the pleasure of meeting Ahyiana at a social media event here in the city and bookmarked her podcast to listen to later. It quickly became one of my fast favorites: her insightful point of view mixed with the relatability of your best girlfriend motivates you to show up as your best self. Her podcast is geared to the female professional hustler that’s looking to actually chase their dreams instead of talking about it. She interviews industry professionals and shares actionable advice on how to make your dream job a reality.


I’ve pivoted away from listening to music on my commute in an attempt to be more productive with my time. However, that in no way means I don’t love listening to music. It’s just about the strategy: you feel me? Here’s the hack: use music as an accelerator to power/inspire your more mundane or creative tasks. Having music on in the background while I work from home in the evenings/weekends is essential to my creativity and well being. I’ve organized my music to match your needs and moods and share them for you as well on Spotify. A few of my faves are below:

There are a ton of other playlists too: think workout music, seasonal favorites, you name it. Click this link to follow along and be the first to know when I drop a new playlist for you.

Subway Reads x The Commuter's Lineup- Hacks + Reads x Khaite Dress x Free People New Way To Shine SkirtSubway Reads x The Commuter's Lineup- Hacks + Reads x Khaite Dress x Free People New Way To Shine Skirt

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