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Sunglasses, like every other area of fashion, go through their phases in the limelight. While 2019 went all the way to skinny and transparent, 2021 will be bringing it back to the middle. The good news? You don’t need a fat wad of cash in order to stay on trend this year either. Welcome to the sunglasses trends for 2021!

Vintage/Classic Frames

Certain styles are universally timeless, which is why the majority of my collection is just Ray-Bans. It comes down to cost-per-wear for me, making quality investments is always of utmost importance. Hold onto your vintage style frames and classic color basics: they’re forefront this year. The vintage revival this year has blown this up!


White/Neutral/Clear Frames

Swap out your classic black or brown frames for a lighter-hued version! This year, bright neutrals are taking over. It doesn’t matter what style you go with either. Pick a frame style that fits your face shape the best, and run with it! I’ll be honest, white frames are actually SUPER fun to wear…they go with literally everything too. Find my faves below! You don’t need to spend tons of money on sunglasses either to rock the trend. The high quality of many below makes them look more expensive than they are.


Rectangle/Boxy Frames

I’ve really been vibing with these recently. I picked up a few in this style last year to expand my sunnies style a bit, and LOVE them. Oddly enough, they’ve become some of my most used pairs in my collection. The wide rectangle frames look great on just about every face shape IMO. It’s a safe trend to hop on because of that! My favorite mostly affordable picks are below.


That’s it for sunglasses trends for 2021! Which style are you leaning toward the most? Let me know in the comments! For more tips on mastering upcoming trends for 2021, head to my fashion and beauty roundups.

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