Hydration That Doesn’t Suck.

I’ll be the first one to own the fact that I hate drinking water. HATE. I like my water in my coffee, and that’s about it. However, when I’m sweating it out 4 to 5 times a week between Equinox and Barry’s Bootcamp classes, I need something to keep me on my feet and performing at my best, that doesn’t include…
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The newest way to sweat in SF: Uforia Studios

This is San Francisco: where fitness extends beyond gym walls, and into the heart of the community. It is a lifestyle, and extended family for most of us. Next week, San Francisco (Nob Hill) will be the new home of an amazing fitness studio/community that was born on the peninsula: Uforia Studios! If you aren’t from the peninsula and haven’t heard of…
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Post Gym Re-Glam Essentials: ShowerPill Wipes

Ever thought about/outright skipped a workout because you didn’t want/have time to shower? Lame ass excuse, right? We have all been there, however, so no judgements. I’ll start by publicly shaming myself on this one. Yes, even as the post-sweat beauty guru. Owning it. However, last month I found an amazing solution: ShowerPill Body Wipes! I am always on the…
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