The Arrivals Moya Jacket: 2 Years Later

The Arrivals Moya Jacket Review

Ahh hello again, Arrivals lovers! This post is for YOU, my friends. Two years later, the original article on The Arrivals Moya Jacket still comes out on top as the most viewed post here. I completely understand why: it’s a worthy investment, and proper due diligence must be paid. While it’s easy to stay in the honeymoon phase of with new investment piece during the first few months or year, how it shakes out years down the road is where the value really reveals itself. This week, I’m sharing exactly where I am with mine two years later.

Two Years Later

I feel like it’s been an eternity to get to this point! When I originally wrote the first article, I made a point to plan for an update at the two-year mark. Why two? It’s a heavy jacket, and you really only get a few seasons of wear out of it.  I wanted to make sure I studied the good, bad, and the ugly of it through the crazy life adventures I take myself on. Could it survive the dusty outdoors of Moab? Over 50 airport security undressings/inspections? Could it take a beating at a jam-packed music festival? Let’s get down to it!

Wear & Tear

The most important detail, am I right?? I’m not going to lie: upon unboxing my Moya Jacket 2 years ago, I wasn’t yet sold on its ability to resist wear and tear. Dead ass. It’s a luxurious piece. Luxurious pieces don’t always stand the test of time. When you touch this jacket, it feels like a leather version of silk. If you look at any of your old silk blouses, chances are their mileage is showing hard. I mildly feared this would also be the case with this leather. I babied it the first 6 months of wearing it too out of fear! However, you definitely don’t need to.

Here’s why: it’s pretty much bulletproof. Not sure how, not sure why, but IT IS. Here’s what mine has survived:

  1. Wearing a heavy backpack over it 5 days a week with work computers/gym equipment/beauty products
  2. Being used as a blanket on flights, or stuffed in the overhead bins
  3. Leaning on sh*t when I’m tired or lazy (in New York, that’s a bold move too)
  4. Being dropped on a nightclub floor when the seat coat pile collapsed
  5. Over 50 TSA security checks and their crappy conveyor belts
  6. Alcohol spills (of all colors)
  7. Makeup smudges
  8. Dog licks and excitement paws from big ass dogs
  9. Snowstorms, hiking upstate
  10. 3 music festivals/concerts
  11. My claw Cardi B nails
  12. Hot ammo shells from shooting on the range

That last one sold me for life on The Arrivals Moya Jacket. If it can resist a burn, it’s strong enough to last in your wardrobe for life.

How To Care For It

When you’re about 3 months into consistent wear, you will start to notice the shearling start to part or clump. Kind of like the insides of your worn out Ugg boots. Don’t freak! It will go back to the fluffy shape it was when you got it with a little care. I notice this mostly in the early fall and early spring, due to sweat. Use a boar brush or even a hairbrush with boar bristles when you take it off.

All leather gets Scotchgarded in my home, and I highly recommend you do the same to start. Especially if you’re a fucking spaz like me. It will help keep it guarded during it’s first few months of life at home as it ages. I’ve only sprayed mine once, upon getting it. After a season or two of wear, it starts to put up its own armor through wear. It’s oddly equal wear too: the elbows aren’t shiner than the rest of the jacket.

Get a makeup stain on it or salt stain during a ski trip? I gotchu. This stuff gets the job done. I usually apply it with a damp old t-shirt, and wipe it off with a clean one.

Buying Options

You can shop The Arrivals Moya Jacket directly from their website. Additionally, with the disruption of luxury resale, it’s even easier to snag an Arrivals Moya Jacket LESS than retail. Here’s what’s currently in stock:



These three products will set you up for success in caring for your jacket. Literally, it’s that low maintenance!


The Arrivals Moya Jacket Review

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