The Best Weekender Bags for Local or Long Weekend Travel

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Half the battle of weekend travel is the vessel you choose to transport your hundreds of microdecisions in. From the outfit choices, skincare du jour, and footwear possibilities, it can add up quickly on space. The solution? Invest in a smarter weekender bag. Spoiler alert: some of the best ones are under $100 here.

The Best Weekender Bags for Local or Long Weekend Travel

There are a few qualities to look for when assessing bags. The most important? No excess space. Think about the difference between the inside of a carry-on and the outside shell. Another example is metal bars from the handle that make it impossible to stick shoes in flat. The fewer of these types of space wasters you can cut out, the better. Second, opt for bags that make it easy to stack packing cubes and accessories around each other. The closer you can get to Tetris IRL the better. The following bags will give you maximum space for everything you need for a weekend away, even the overpacking you might not use.

L.L. Bean makes the best weekender bags. Yes, I’m more than partial. I cannot stress enough the utility of the Boat and Tote bag. I have the extra large size with the long straps pictured here. It fits 3 pairs of shoes, 2 outfits per day (long flowy dresses included) for 3 days, my full beauty suitcase and hair toiletry bag, a Dyson Airwrap, LED light mask, and countless other loose items. Ditch the drama of attempting to cram your carry on in a tiny overhead train compartment on LIRR, dragging its rollers through a gravel driveway, and make packing up a breeze.

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