Timeless and Affordable Fall Fashion

Affordable and Timeless Fall Fashion

Timeless and affordable? These two words hardly feel like they should be spoken in the same sentence. Here’s the truth, though.

Looking wealthy does not correlate with how much you’ve spent on your wardrobe. Sure, I love a splurge item (*cough* this Arrivals jacket) as much as the next gal does…but it’s about finding quality items at a lower price point for basics that will keep your clothing budget in check. This season, many of my affordable fall fashion favorites can be snagged on Amazon.

Timeless and Affordable Fall Fashion

If you’re looking at this look I’m wearing in this post and thinking…girl…that’s ALL designer… I know. The key? Renting high-end trendy pieces and splurging on something that will have a below $1 cost per wear in 3 years. I’ve been able to rent pieces I might have just bought/taken a resale loss on, and most importantly, be more sustainable. For $130ish a month, I have an ever-changing closet of the non-timeless statement pieces I crave. You can also get 40% off your first month on Rent the Runway. Splurge items…I guarantee if you tally up your purchases on cheap outerwear or synthetic sweaters, it will outweigh the cost of these splurge items. My Arrivals jacket still looks brand new after almost 5 years. Just saying.

This year, I’ve rounded up my fall favorites by category: fashion and accessories. You can dress them up or down depending on your daily plans. The key to making these basics work with what you already own? Follow these two tips to blend your wardrobe with them seamlessly.

Complimentary Colors

Look for complementary colors that match your favorite denim washes, slacks, or dresses. Use the color wheel and find colors opposite to your go-to basics. A simple sweater can turn a summer maxi dress into a layered fall LOOK. I like to pull a muted color out of a patterned dress and find a sweater or jacket that highlights it.

Less is More

I’m talking about logo mania. I love a well-placed logo on a single streetwear item or handbag. That’s it though. Let the uniqueness of the accessory define your look and plan everything around it. Wearing a logo belt? Opt for a nondescript handbag or hat instead.

Shop My Affordable Fall Fashion Best-Kept Secrets

Who says you have to spend a TON of money on quality fabrics? They’re wrong if they do. My favorite swaps include cashmere that’s under $100 for sweaters, leather goods that won’t break the bank, and more. Shop them directly below.

Shop My Picks on Amazon

I’ve linked all fall items by category, click on the photos below based on what you’re shopping for. I add to this list daily, so keep this page bookmarked to access later! Looking for something specific? Leave a comment below and I’ll find it for you.

Affordable Fall Fashion

Affordable Fall Accessories

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