UNOFFICAL Commute: Subway Reads & Listens

The Unnoficial Edit: Commute

It’s Monday, and guess what? Your commute [and day] doesn’t have to suck. Here’s why: there’s some seriously awesome shit going on on the internet these days. Welcome to your second round of subway reads & listens: The UNNOFICIAL Commute Edit. From breakthrough thoughts on beauty, sound career advice, and more: it’s here for ya.

The Unofficial Commute Edit

60 Second Reads

My exclusive updates subscribers can attest: Procrastination is all about your own emotions. Not time management.

This was mindblowing. It seems things have changed in Silicon Valley when it comes to beauty, so much so it’s in the heads of guys, and not in a healthy way. I’m curious: what the heck do you all think? Lemme know in the comments.

This is something I’ve always truly believed as an artist. Surrounding yourself with things that speak to you in a positive way is crucial for productivity and inspiration.

The UNOFFICIAL Podcast Edit

Ready to kickstart every aspect of your life? These podcasts will send you down an exciting road of newfound inspiration, knowledge, and even some hilarious and true crime related adventure! I personally can’t get enough of these beauty podcasts. It’s so interesting!

After Work Commute Playlist

One of the things I love most about my end of the day music playlist is that it helps put me in the mood to transition my brain to the creative side. Even if you don’t have a side hustle, it’s a great way to get back to your personal groove and shift your mindset for a bit. That’s the fun of the UNNOFICIAL Commute playlist: there are some deep cuts for all the ways you sign off. Copy a song or two to your own playlist, and follow it to stay up to date on future add-ons!

Want to get this type of content to you earlier? Sign up for exclusive content on the homepage to get it straight to your inbox when it comes out. Additionally, I’m gearing up for a more frequent edit to this series, and want to hear from you! What areas of life are you most interested in learning about? More breakthrough beauty info? How to tap into your most ambitious self? Something else you’re dying to learn more about? Tell me in the comments below!

Unofficial CommuteThe Unnoficial Edit: Commute

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