Here’s Why You Should Keep Your Beauty Products In The Fridge

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Beauty products living next to your produce? Possibly, but not quite. There’s something to the movie scenario of stuffing bodies in the fridge to preserve them for later. Without sounding like a total weirdo: just like preserving the human body, there’s something to be said for preserving the ingredients of our skincare and other delicate beauty products in a cooler environment. Meet my beauty fridge concept: to my former roommates across the years’ feelings of dismay, I’ve been storing some of my pricy nail polish in the fridge since college! It now carries over into the following types of beauty products listed in this post, and here’s why.

WHY IN THE F, Mandy?

If this sounds utterly extra and ridiculous, I hear ya. I only graduated to this level of insanity (or genius) back in 2017 when I moved out of the city and in with my brother as I prepped to move to New York. San Francisco is naturally a cool climate, so adding in beauty products on top of nail polish wasn’t too necessary. East Bay is hot as hell (especially when my brother refuses to use A/C), and New York summers proved to be as hellish as every New Yorker describes, so into the fridge it all went. Carrie Bradshaw might have stored sweaters in her stove, but this New York single girl took it to the next level. I know my expensive products can comment on how happy a life they live now: literally chillin’ in my fridge.

It can be a good thing for a couple of reasons: generally, your products won’t spoil as quickly. Some ingredients aren’t meant to be stored under room temperature. Always check the item’s label before throwing it in!

Sheet Masks

If you’re not on this yet, your skin needs you to be! The cooling effects of sheet masks help with inflammation/puffiness (think mornings when you’re exhausted). I pop on a pair of my go-to eye patches while I make coffee and breakfast to start the day right. I use my ultra-hydrating sheet mask at night to combat the hot summer days here. Also, check out the after sun sheet mask at the bottom of this post for your face AND neck area! It’s another one of my holy grail summer skincare picks.

Natural/Fussy Ingredients

Vitamin C products, or any that contain acidic properties really, belong in a cooler environment away from the sun or intense heat. While it’s not TOTALLY necessary given the advancements in formulas, it’s not a bad idea to chill them anyway. Their potency just lasts longer as a result! Products that are organic too: they don’t have the preservatives needed to last longer once the bottle is opened. This is important to keep in mind if you’re the type of person who doesn’t keep your place air-conditioned when you’re out. I also always keep my eye creams designed for combatting fatigue in my beauty fridge for the reasons above in the mask section. It’s such a fabulous feeling taking off makeup from a long sweaty day to apply under my eyes as a way to relax. It won’t make them work better, but it will feel great on your skin.

Facial Massagers

My holy grail facial massager is always kept in the freezer. It helps with inflammation, and when coupled with a cold sheet mask…HACK OF LIFE. My face appears more contoured as a result! This roller is aluminum and stays cold for around 10-15 minutes. I also store my jade roller and gua sha tools in there for the same reason. ALWAYS wash your tools and dry them before putting them back in the fridge. Otherwise, you’re just preserving bacteria.

Setting Sprays

There is nothing more refreshing than spritzing on a hydrating mist or my go-to setting spray when it’s chilled. You should always keep your sprays in the fridge to help with the heat and inflammation. It helps to cool down the skin and leaves you looking more refreshed than a room temperature spritz.

The Beauty Fridge Hack

I opted for a smaller fridge for my skincare (hello tiny NYC apartment fridges!) and it’s been a chic game-changer. While my nail polish lives in the top door shelves of my main fridge, I wanted a separate home for my beauty products. This is also a fabulous hack for those of you that live with roommates or a significant other who isn’t keen on the idea! Mine is stored in my kitchen next to the bathroom for easy access while getting ready.

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