Workout Music For Every Way You Sweat

Workout Music, Carbon38 Diamond Compression Leggings and Bra

Music really makes or breaks a workout: especially if you’re flying solo these days in your sweat endeavors! Seriously though: music has a huge effect on our psyche, especially during strenuous situations like a tough workout. It’s high time I got around to revamping your public playlists for just that: every way you workout. Keep scrolling until you find your desired workout, and add that playlist to your Spotify library to crush your next sweat session!

Workout Music For Every Way You Sweat

As a former instructor, there’s an art to the list you curate. Each of these playlists is designed with the type of workout in mind, along with peaks and valleys to mimic your efforts along the way. Think of every few songs as a chapter in your workout! They’re also long enough for those of you that enjoy the extended burn: long-distance runners, I’m looking at you…

HIIT That Sh*t

Calling all my fight conditioning/circuit warriors! This playlist will get you in the mood to push your way through even the most challenging HIIT-style set.

Cardio WORKout

Put some extra pep in that stair stepper or whatever your choice basic cardio routine entails. This list is guaranteed to keep you from quitting early.

CITY runnn

Geared for the early morning or late afternoon short run: no matter if your running city blocks or suburban streets: these tracks will keep your focus to ensure you hit your short mileage or step count. It’s all within reach here!

Long Runs

As a former ultramarathoner, I know firsthand exactly how daunting long training runs can be. All the right songs at the right time in your 2+ hour run.

Yogini Life

Not your average yoga playlist: this is a hyped-up hybrid of lo-fi hip hop and mellow pop beats to keep you motivated in a solo yoga practice in your living room. No urge to snooze in savasana.

Which workout is your go-to? Tell me in the comments! To follow the rest of my public playlists, head to Spotify. I have playlists for every aspect of your day and mood!

Workout Music

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