Worthy Investments of the Sephora Sale

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Did someone say…SEPHORA SALE? That’s right, my favorite sales of the year start up again this Friday, October 30th. Sales can often be overwhelming, not knowing where to start. Next thing you know, you have a cart full of random shit, and worried you missed something. There’s a method to the madness, especially if your goal is to stretch your dollars, and avoid buying your daily use items at full price because you forgot it. I plan out my cart strategically to make the most of the savings throughout the year. When you know what you need, it’s easy. Not the case for you? I get it and want to help you make the best decisions: for your skin’s sake, and your wallet’s. Welcome to the first round…worthy investments/steals of the Sephora Sale!

Worthy Investments of the Sephora Sale

Not all products are created equal, especially on the skincare side. One of the best pieces of advice I can pass along is investing in clinical skincare and at-home tools. Many of these types of products never go on sale, so it’s literally the only time you can try out (or stock up) at a pretty legit discount. That’s not necessarily all though. This year, I wanted to compile a list of truly worthy investments that will level your skin up now and well into the future. You’ll find tools that help you save money long term and products that actually do what they say they’re going to do. Start with one, and fill the remainder of your cart with your personal essentials.


Worthy Steals of the Sephora Sale

These perfectly priced basics are a great way to double down on the active ingredients you need without the major markup! They’re brands I know and trust to deliver great results at a lower price point. I personally grab at least 2 of each (more for sheet masks) so I have enough on hand to last me through to the next sale. Why buy these at retail when you can get them 20-30% off now? Your credit card limit or bank account will look so much better when you buy in bulk. You’ll notice this at the end of the year when you analyze your spending. I noticed at least a $500 reduction in overall spending myself. Especially when it comes to hair care items.


Danielle Bernstein CollectionDanielle Bernstein Collection Danielle Bernstein Collection

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