Gifting Your In-Laws: The UNOFFICIAL Guide

Gifting Your In-Laws x Livana Perfect Temp Cosmetic Case

Gifting your in-laws: no matter what kind of family you married into, gifting them is tricky all around. Since it’s likely you don’t know them that well yet, choosing a gift that’s a hit can be a bit tricky. Haven’t tied the knot yet? The same goes for those that are still in the dating phase. Shake off the anxiety, and say goodbye to procrastination: your how-to guide complete with recommendations is here to help!

Gifting Your In-Laws: The Rules of Engagement

Did you spend hours rapidly scrolling all your favorite retailers on Black Friday and came up with nothing? Yeah, I hear ya. Gifting your in-laws tends to be the most procrastinated gift, you’re not alone. There are a few ground rules that make the search a little more targeted:

  1. Gifts that expand their interests or streamline their daily lives are a thoughtful way to connect with your in-laws or significant others’ parents. It’s a surefire way to make a great first impression.
  2. Try not to add to the clutter. While I do like a well-placed candle or high-end bath product, it can often come off as impersonal and just end up as a regift.
  3. If you’re past the beginning stages, thinking of creative new adds to their favorite hobbies, routines are the way to go. Many parents won’t splurge on additions like a classy dip bowl or wine rack, but they’ll welcome and love it as a gift.
The 2019 UNOFFICIAL Edit
Beginning Stages Surefire Hits

Don’t overthink it, the thoughtful pieces are usually tied to something that’s already visible, and less in the overanalyzed details. Wine lovers, cooks, and tech-savvy parents alike: these gifts are a fresh new way to transform their current daily routine. They’re the expansion of last week’s recs:

Livana Silk Sip Insulated Hydration Bottle

This is the standout find from this past year for me, and for good reason. It’s easy to adopt into your daily life, and gifting someone the ability to enjoy drinking water is a gift they will instantly enjoy. The same goes for the makeup bag: it’s a thoughtful gift for retirees that live in warmer climates and carry products in their car/on the beach. You have my code UNOFFICIAL all season too for 20% off, so rest easy procrastinator shoppers, you can still get a deal.


Long Game Hits

Not your first rodeo? As the years go on, it can get a bit tricky on finding something fresh, but also meaningful. Some years might call for a splurge, and others may take a more casual feel. Either way, the following gift ideas below make a great statement on either accord!


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