Madison Reed: The Hair Color Hack You Need To Know About

Madison Reed

Have you ever felt hopeless in between salon visits because of pesky roots (blame the collagen/biotin supplements) or faded color? Me too. While I did have an amazing colorist that gave me permanent tint under the table for my high maintenance ends in SF, it didn’t help my root situation. Dying your hair black is serious upkeep! I didn’t trust box color since I shelled out a TON for balayage, and wasn’t going to run the risk of ruining it with cheap color. Cue Madison Reed!

My Madison Reed Backstory

I was introduced to Madison Reed by my friend Tamryn, at her blogger event at the San Francisco flagship salon late last year. My first reaction: “THIS exists?!?!” I wanted to cry tears of joy! Furthermore, the message behind this startup brand was so authentic, in addition to solving a major girl problem. I feel most confident when I feel my best, which includes looking professional and put together. Say goodbye to overdue roots, faded ends, and feeling like a mess. You can also toss high price tags in the trash too. I was heartbroken I would be leaving San Francisco after this discovery, but when I found out that night that they were opening a New York location, I was relieved. I’ve been looking forward to this visit for months!

The Madison Reed Lowdown

Don’t have time for salon visits? That’s okay: you can buy an at-home kit right from the privacy of your own home or office. They have them for everything from root color kits, glosses, balayage touch-ups, and root touch-up powder. Prices range from $19.95 to $35.95. How’s that for affordable and fast?

If you’re like me and extremely clumsy with coloring your roots, head to the color bar for a service. They range from $35 for gloss or root reboots to $60-$85 for roots only or roots + gloss. It’s WILD how affordable it is. You can even add a blowout to your service for $35, which gives blowout salons a run for their money.

The best part? All their products are ammonia-free, paraben-free, and much more. It’s safe for everyone.

My Experience

This was the most efficient two hours I’ve ever spent at a salon. I took a quick questionnaire to find the best products for the outcome I wanted and was in and out in less than 2 hours (including filming this!). As always, opinions are solely my own, regardless of sponsorship. Madison Reed exceeded my expectations, and I’ll spare you from writing my opinion, and let you see for yourself in my latest music vlog below.

Special thanks to the team at Madison Reed for sponsoring this post.


Madison ReedMadison Reed Color BarMadison Reed Color Bar

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Photos by Jodie of JCT Photos, makeup by me.


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