My Winter Beauty Routine

Between my trip to freezing New York City, to the crazy rainy winter we’ve had here in San Francisco this season, my skin has been struggling! I’ve had to up my moisturizer game heavily these past few months, and I’ve found a pretty great lineup of amazing products that keep my skin hydrated, and blemish-free with the ups and downs. It’s important to keep up a consistent routine in these cases, as well as amp up the masking and prep part of skincare, to make sure I look and feel my best every day. If you’re not sure how to stack your products, here’s what I do to keep my skin in great shape.


Since I love to experiment with new makeup products and styles, it’s imperative that I wash my skin day and night, once with a makeup removing cleanser, and one with clarifying ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A, and/or Salicylic Acid. I start with my fave cleanser of all time, Glossier’s Milky Jelly cleanser, to remove buildup and makeup from the day, or to remove my sleeping masks in the morning. I follow immediately with a clarifying cleanser, my current fave is Serious Skincare’s Glycolic Cleanser.


Layering serums is super important when the weather changes. Making sure you have several avenues of attack during winter is key: hydration and clarification are at the forefront of my concerns, and I layer my serums this way, morning and night.

Step 1: Serums (Clarification)

I have problem skin, and often get blemishes due to stress or my winter dry skin patches. I take two steps to mitigate this, first, being serum, and the last being a mask two times a week. I like to use serums that contain Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A, and/or Salicylic Acid. My current go-to is Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Oil. It also adds a little hydration which helps in the winter.

Step 2: Serums (Anti-Aging/Moisture)

My second layer of serum is something moisturizing and/or anti-aging, and is another one of my daily winter go-to’s, Glossier’s Super Bounce. I slathered this on pre-flight to New York, and on the way home too to help with the dry aircraft cabin air.

I also use an anti-aging eye serum/cream day and night and LOVE the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for eyes.


I usually don’t wear richer moisturizers or oils since I have super oily skin, but during the winter, I always add a light layer to my skin before sunscreen and makeup. Since I am on the oily side, I stick to Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer, instead of their Rich version. It also adds a second element of priming, so my makeup sits better.

When my skin is in serious SOS mode, I opt for the holy grail of moisturizers (works on lips too!!), the La Mer Crème de la Mer. It’s now available at Sephora (OMGGG) which means I earn my VIB Rouge points for it now. I always opt for the .5oz jar, and that lasts me over a year. It’s the best $85 I spend on skincare because it actually works for severely dry skin. If you have long flights ahead this winter, layer the Super Bounce and Crème de la Mer to fight against the dryness and irritation of the elements.

Winter Friendly Makeup

I start with a primer that’s going to help my skin look more radiant, and exclusively stick to Hourglass’ Ambient Light Correcting Primer. It gives my skin that spring and summertime glow even in the winter and is mineral based, which is great for my skin. During the winter I try to not wear much foundation, and I cannot live without Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint! It’s so hydrating, and I feel good about it sinking into my skin because of its skincare focused ingredients. If you haven’t tried foundation before, start with this. It makes you look camera ready without all the extra layers, and is actually good for your skin.


It’s super important you take time to tend your skin during the winter, and just in general. I use my masks 2-3 times a week between the clarifying ones and the moisturizing/sleeping ones. I never sleep without an overnight mask of some sort, specific to my needs each month. My faves for winter are Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask, and Sephora’s Sleeping Masks for Anti-Aging or Perfecting. If you need blemish control, use Glossier’s Mega Green Galaxy Pack, and double with the Sephora Detoxifying Sleeping Mask.

Here’s the final roundup of every product discussed above. Treat your skin right this winter, and always! It’s the only one we get, so taking care of it early on is a must, and is well worth the investment.

Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier

Glycolic Cleanser, Serious Skincare

U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, Sunday Riley

Super Bounce, Glossier

Facial Treatment Essence – Eye, SK-II

Priming Moisturizer, Glossier

Crème de la Mer, La Mer

Light Correcting Primer, Hourglass

Perfecting Skin Tint, Glossier

Moon Mask, Glossier

Sleeping Mask – Orchid Anti-Aging, Sephora

Sleeping Mask – Rose Moisturizing/Brightening Mask, Sephora

Sleeping Mask – Algae Detoxifying Mask, Sephora

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask, Glossier


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