Non-ignorant snacking ideas for before/after workouts

Hey everyone! I’m Kelsey from #NotAFashionBlogger, and am SO excited to share a bit of my own tips and tricks when it comes to fitness and making it effortlessly fun, while also helping you learn how to do it in an effortlessly cute way.

Plus I have sass, which is probably why Mandy thought I’d be relevant over here.

So. Here ya go.

Has this ever happened to you?

You just got home from school or work, you’re about to jet off to your gym/training/run but you’re starving.

Or, if you exercise in the AM, you wake up, you’re not ready for breakfast, but don’t want to hit the gym on an empty stomach.

…So what the hell are you going to eat?

You know you should eat before you workout because it fuels your mind and body, and maximizes the burning/building/learning of any exercise. However, you want something quick and easy with minimal effort.

I get it!

So… Today, I thought I would share with you 6 easy and effective snacks for your pre- and post-workout fuel. Stuff that’s ACTUALLY appetizing, because we know it’s not always the case with many healthy options.


You want easily digestible carbohydrates. Something that will give you energy to burn, but won’t make you feel full and sluggish (raw sugar and candy is a big drainer of energy after only a few minutes). Here are my 3 favorite pre-workout snacks (so easy they barely need instruction!)

1. Wholegrain Toast with Avocado and Tomatoes

pre avo

2. Rye or Wholegrain Bread with Mashed Banana

pre banana

3. Greek Yogurt Parfait with Berries and Banana. Layer Greek yogurt with your favorite fruits, and add some chia seeds on top!

pre yogurt


It’s equally as important to eat after a workout. It helps the body to restore and repair ready for the next one!

After exercise, proteins and energy are important replenish and rebuild. Here are 3 of my fave picks for delicious ways to fuel up after your workout.

  1. Green Juice/Smoothie with OJ. Couple your favorite green juice/smoothie recipe with a small splash of orange juice (NOT from concentrate!)

post smoothie

  1. Eggs. However you like them. Fried (with organic butter- Kerrygold is fantastic!), scrambled or boiled with salt. Easy. Like a protein punch in the face.

post eggs

  1. Wholegrain Crackers with Tuna or Salmon. Straight from the packet/can into your belly – this snack travels well so you can eat healthy if you are on the go!

post salmon

Enjoy 🙂



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