The Procrastinator’s Guide: The Sephora VIB Sale Fall/Winter

The Sephora VIB Sale Fall/Winter: We’ve covered the basic strategy before, and now it’s time to put it to good use! I love Sephora sales because they allow me to optimize my purchases every season.  I almost never run out of key players in between sales, and when I need a big purchase, it takes some of the edge off. Let this week’s sale be your first step toward making your purchases go farther. In a few months, you’ll see it play out in action and it’s going to blow your mind.

The Sephora VIB Sale Deets

The Sephora Holiday Bonus is available for all VIB and Rouge members, enter the following code at checkout: HOLIDAYSAVE

Rouge: 20% off

VIB: 15% off

Insider: 10% off

The Sephora VIB Sale Fall/Winter Lineup

Evergreen Products

Your pitch hitters should always be bought in bulk. You use it daily, so depending on how heavy your work/life schedule is, you’ll definitely want to have some waiting in the wings! These below are always in stock in my beauty cabinet/shower:


Accessory Products

This is the real win of every Sephora sale. Tools rarely go on sale, especially good ones like Dyson. I time my replacements around sales if I can, and it’s cut my overall spending down by $100 a month. It’s also a great time to invest in at-home med spa tools which will help you save $400+ per month on spa appointments. I’ve rounded up the favorites across ones I’ve used and loved alongside overall review ratings:


Unicorn Products

These sales are also prime time to live a little and try something on your bucket list. The below products are pricy but wildly effective, and well worth your initial investment to try for yourself. Think your new going-out makeup, holy grail skincare brand, let yourself live:



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