The Waterproof Diaries: Beauty Products That Don’t Suck

The Best Waterproof Beauty Products x Cushnie Draped Stretch Jersey Midi Dress

Waterproof beauty, it’s a slippery slope: some work flawlessly. However, more often than not, others have you wondering who the fuck tested it. I’ve been on the receiving end of both over the past 15 or so years that I’ve been wearing makeup while playing sports or working out as a trainer. As a result, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works as what doesn’t. It’s not only about choosing certain products, but it’s also about the combination strategy of all of them together.

Step 1: Primers

I’m going to let you in on a waterproof beauty secret right now: primers are your secret weapon. They’re the reason I look put together after a brutally sweaty workout class. The key is finding one for your skin type, and then pairing it with other products that also suit your skin. Or not: primers are KEY if you aren’t wearing makeup at all and want to look put together.


 Step 2: Concealers

Let’s be honest: half the reason any of us wear makeup during workouts or at the pool/beach is covering up our skin’s imperfections. As someone who was plagued by acne in her teens, I know it can be a giant pain in the ass. The solution? Finding a concealer that’s built for the long haul and good for your skin. Not all a created equal, these are the ones I’ve tested against the sweatiest of sweaty situations: workouts, stressful meetings, crowded parties, you name it.



 Step 3: Foundation/Tinted Moisturizers

This is the trickiest one of all. Especially as you go towards full-coverage. Yeah, yeah, don’t @ me, I know it’s not great to sweat in makeup, but we all do it at some point. The smartest thing you can do? Finding which ones are less bad for your skin, and ALSO how to get the job done.


 Step 4: Setting Powder/Spray

If you’re not setting, you ain’t shit. Seriously though: this is the second most important piece to keep your makeup looking the same as when you first applied it. Many of them have SPF in them, making it even easier to protect your skin from the sun. Powders are great for oily skin types, and sprays can go for any type. I’ve linked my favorite ones for each type below:


Step 5: Miscellaneous Products

Who hates removing waterproof makeup? I know my eyelashes and skin sure does. Over the years, I’ve tested out waterproof and regular products and found there are some regular ones that get the job done without the wear and tear of removal.


The Best Waterproof Beauty Products x Cushnie Draped Stretch Jersey Midi Dress The Best Waterproof Beauty Products x Cushnie Draped Stretch Jersey Midi Dress

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