What’s In My Bag: Fall Edit

What's In My Bag- Fall Edit x Carbon 38 Takara Bike Short x Tory Burch x Amazon Hermes Kelly Bag

Fall is by far my favorite season when it comes to beauty products and accessories. There’s something so calming about the cooler mornings and evenings; my routine is slowed down and my accessories shift, adapting to the change. Is there anything better than wrapping yourself in a thick robe and getting lost in a solo DIY spa day? That’s exactly what I did all day yesterday: unplugged, recentered, and binged the fucking shit out of my skincare products.

There’s a few oldies and newcomers in the mix this season too: they’re real pitch hitters for the looming dry skin season and constantly packed Google Calendar. Here we go, what’s in my bag: Fall edit:

Volition Beauty Screen Time Hydra Mist

When real-life problems are being solved by new skincare advancements, I’m ALL IN. The idea was thrown into motion by the killer creative genius Tezza. After a month of using it daily, I’m here to report that it’s the real deal. Blue light is not only damaging to our eyesight, but it’s equally bad for your skin. Chances are, your dark circles and dry skin are being caused by the light that comes from our phones and laptops. Mine definitely was. Burning the candle at both ends takes its toll on my skin during high-stress weeks, and adding this to my skin armor has done wonders. I’ve noticed I’m wearing less foundation too. So go ahead, try it: you definitely won’t be sorry.

Livana Life SilkSlip Hydration Bottle

This was gifted to me a mere 2 weeks ago but has changed my relationship with water, so it needed to be broadcasted fucking ASAP. This bottle actually IS all that: beauty AND brains. Moving into my thirties, I’ve learned that quality always wins over quantity. I spent the better half of my twenties collecting every damn trend along the way, and the vast majority ended up being a waste. Cue the million $20 Camelbak sippy water bottles, fast fashion fails, and the clutter that accumulates as a result. Fast forward to this past week: I’ve drunk more water, haven’t forgotten to pack a bottle for the gym, and spill less. Furthermore, it’s size is practical making it actually useful and a bottle you WON’T forget at home. I don’t even make money off this rec either, I just really fucking believe in it.

Laneige Lip Mask

I’ve been raving about this product for years because it’s actually the real live SH*T. Summer dehydration, cold dry wind, it stands up to all of it like a ninja. Seriously: no product has been more effective for my dry lips. I have my regular size jar on hand at home and work and keep the balm in my purse to use throughout the day. For extra credit, try using it after a lip scrub and clean mascara wand. After this, apply the mask and feel it soak in deep. I’ve noticed my lips go from cracked and peeling to plump and smooth.

Mane Club Deep Conditioners

THIS. Not only is the branding totally on point, but the product also delivers. Each deep conditioner is smartly targeted to tackle our most annoying hair woes. I have oily skin, so some deep conditioners can often be too much for my fine strands of thick hair. Instead, these deep conditioners pack a powerful punch without the grease and actually produce real results on over-processed hair. You can also squeeze 2-3 uses out of one pack too. If your hair is as short as mine, you can definitely pull 3-4 uses out of it. It’s a major must moving into the hair damaging season of fall/winter.

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