Where It All Started

What do Louboutins, firearms, San Francisco sports, and ultra-marathons have in common? Me. I am the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet. You may ask, what does that even mean? Some refer to this personality type as a guy’s girl, but for me personally, I really don’t like to put a title on it. I am who I am, and have no time to apologize for it.  For the general population, it seems to be a societal faux pas when you see a girly girl keep up with or smoke the boys, finish an ultra marathon, or win a fight or debate. It may not be an openly communicated opinion, but it’s definitely there in the back of the minds of many guys and girls in today’s world.

It’s a tough road with this personality; one that gets a bad rep among girls, and some guys get intimidated by it. Some call you a fake, or wannabe, or the like. Most don’t take you seriously, or think you’re trying too hard. However, the world couldn’t be more wrong about the token frou-frou coated females that exist across the world of sports, corporate America, and outdoor activities.  Inside, they share the same love of sweating it out with a tough workout, seeing the world, breaking records, and simply loving everything about the outdoor and professional world around them.

I started this blog to share my experiences and provide a place where girls (and guys!) can come to share a laugh about the city, fitness, food, and motivation for being an all-around bad-ass in life. I want to let the world into the mind of one of these dynamic and strongly active girly girls: what piques our interest, what motivates us, what fitness gear and training plans rock our world, and how we reach our fitness and life goals. We’re tougher and more spontaneous than our personal style lets on, and we’re more than just a pretty face.


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