2 Perfect 2020 Playlists To Optimize Your Life

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The best part about starting a new year? NEW MUSIC, BABY. Over the past couple of weeks, it’s highly likely you’ve taken account of your goals for the year to come. Following that, a plan of action as to how you’ll get there. A good organization plan is key for keeping yourself honest on that front, no question. What often gets tricky is how to keep your mind inspired and focused to execute those tasks. What’s the secret sauce? It’s what’s filling your ears. That’s what these 2020 playlists are all about.

How It Works

Music is one of the primary ways to build an intelligent mind. While all music inspires us, it can sometimes be more of a detraction from what’s in front of us. Seriously though: who hasn’t spent hours singing along while hardly studying or working at the office? Same goes for workouts: you wouldn’t switch on jazz to sprint to, would ya? If you do, keep reading. Our minds and hearts are controlled by musical tempos and melodies. It’s part of why we love listening to it so much for all sorts of activities. Let these genres and artists be your guide to optimize your ears and life into the new decade!

2020 Playlists To Optimize Your Life
Get Sh*t Done

Need to hunker down and blast through a big push of work or studying you put off? These tempos and genres help your brain start functioning in the way you need it to in order to do your best work. 2020 is killing it already in this sector!


Turn Down Service

Going to bed after watching a funny or nail-biting Netflix binge isn’t productive if you’re hoping for restful sleep. I tested this particular order of songs from my music bank a few days back and noticed a positive spike in my sleep quality on Sleep Cycle. I’m willing to bet that music played a large part in it. Play it while you read before sleep, or while you take off your skincare.

Throw on a couple of these today as you start or end your day if you’re feeling stuck or burned out. The cool thing about Spotify? It puts on more tracks after this one finishes, thanks to the algorithm! For more playlists cataloged by activities like workouts to getting ready, head to my Spotify page and follow the ones that you need most.

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